Tuesday, December 29, 2009


One of my most favorite Christmas gifts this year is THE Adam Lambert cd!!! My sister in law Melly gave it to me.. and I was so shocked. I know I act like a school girl when I swoon over Adam, but hey.. Im allowed.. apparently{Ive read} that he has a huge following of middle aged women. Well hell yeah.. count me in! hehee.
Anyway.. I got to listen to all but 2 songs on the cd yesterday on the way home from Fulton. I loved it.. Even Todd liked it and said that he reminded him of Freddie Mercury from Queen.. Im like well duh!!!! ;) .. I just love him, and altho this is not my favorite from the cd it is the only "official" one I could find on youtube today. Enjoy!!!! ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Im backkkk~

and it seems some kind of stupid person following me has been too... what a loser. Do you guys get much spam on your blogs?

My Christmas was AMAZING... and I actually got some rest and relaxation.. finally!

How was your Christmas?... Did you get any goodies youd like to share?... How bout New Years Resolutions?...

Leave me a comment.. and as soon as I get my next day off my plan is to update, update and update!!! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry, Merry~

Wellll since I cant sleep I thought Id show our family Christmas card photo for this year... ;o)

LMAO.. nahh.. but it was funny as hell and I couldnt resist... go to American Greetings Photoworks to make your family one! ;) haha.. then share with me.. I find this highly amusing!

ps: Working on more to blog about if I get a chance before Christmas and all the hubbub of traveling.. Have you gotten your shopping, baking and wrapping done?... Not me! Stilllll working on it. Ahhh.. Christmas!.. tis the season!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Im wipin' the tears~

Have you ever heard a country boy rap?... Im telling you.. I just love me a country boy! hahaa.. This morning Todd is watching his hunting shows and I hear from the bedroom Michael Waddell rapping! hahaa ps: I just love him.. he is sooo hot! ;) hehee

This brings me to a little something Im doing this morning.. finishing up my Christmas list and getting ready to head out and finish up the shopping. Im on the hunt for a Rodney Carrington or Larry the Cable Guy cd for my oldest. Really.. for all of us.. hahaa. I love listening to the boys laugh. I love laughing at the redneck in all of us.

Here is a prime example of some of their work: hahaaa enjoy and please dont listen if easily offended... LOL ;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Moment to Breathe~

So how are you bloggy world? I am taking a break at work and blogging. I was thinking this morning of how I used to blog.. just blog about any old thing, not worrying about content or anything like that. I would just spill it... write about what I was thinking without a care who would be reading it. After all, this is my blog and my personal journal. But I guess my thinking on that has kind of changed to catering to an audience that would like to read what I have to say. hahaa At least I feel that I am more conscious now. Maybe not. But I would kind of like to get back to my old way of blogging.. if you dont mind. If I offend anyone, believe me it is not intentional. :)

ok, so onto other stuff and updates. So, on the 4th of December Todd went to Outpatient Surgery to have a cyst removed from his face. He has teased that it was his twin growing in there.. and apparently it was pretty big. He had to have a Plastic Surgeon remove it. It was a minor procedure but still surgery ya know. I went with him.. and there is nothing like sitting in a hospital waiting room that will make you count your blessings, thats for sure! Everything turned out ok for the ol' fella so that was good!

Later that day we packed up and headed back home to visit with my brother Neal who was leaving for Hawaii. We leisurely made our way back home, not before stopping to get a bite to eat and at the restaurant ended up with Hunter getting his hands burned while washing them in the bathroom... the water was THAT hot. Of course we reported it to the manager but come on.. poor thing. It didnt blister thank goodeness, but the pain... we all know that feeling! :( We got him all fixed up to go out to the truck and uhohhhhh.. I thought I had locked the keys in the truck.. wow did Todd get mad. Seriously though, I didnt .. damn new purse! hahaa! So, we are back on the road.. get back home and meet up with Rachel-Prestons girlfriend.

She had been so kind to go and pick up the boxes that we were going to fill with goodies for 2 soldiers over in Afghanistan. We got the boxes and took out shopping. We really got a cool list to go off of and got quite a few things. We then ran out to Dads and packed the boxes, while packing discovered that we needed to buy even more to put in there.. Lord knows I wasnt going to skimp on these packages! They needed to be chalk full!!! So we ended up waiting for Preston to get off work, picked up Justice and Rachel and all headed out to eat dinner and shop for more goodies. We got back to the country, packed the boxes, made the cards and wrote letters to the soldiers and watched a movie.

The next morning we all got up and got ready, drove over to Columbia to have breakfast with Neal and Karen .. they wanted us to visit some more afterwards so we went over to my niece Amiee new apartment and had a good goodbye visit. When we left we hurried back to Fulton so that the boys wouldnt miss the Fulton Christmas Parade. It went fast, but brought back fond memories. They filled their pockets and ours full of candy..they got donuts and sodas too..! Pretty funny for a parade I thought. Hunter saw Santa from around the corner and man was he happy! He didnt stop waving or smiling til Santa was out of sight. haha. We then went out to Dads, cleaned house and relaxed while the boys played. Later that night we ran into town and ate a bite and went to visit Daniel and his family. I FINALLY got my niece Savana to let me hold and hug her and take our pic together. All in all it was a good lil mini vacation. :)

Ok, going to give your eyes a rest and show some pics from the trip.. next up.. my visit with Mom and her husband! ... then I think I can slowly catch up on the past week! hahaa wow! :)

eta: Orrrr maybe I wont share any pics.. I cant get that darn button to work.. weird!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Deer Season~

Well, unfortunately.. Todd has not seen or got a thing this year. This is the FIRST time I think that has ever happened. He has kinda given up for this season, but talks now and then about going out, then he starts feeling guilty that we have so much going on with Christmas coming. To me, I dont care really, I just want him to be happy.

In other news, my brother Neal and my son Preston have been slaying them hard. My brother got a 16pt buck and a couple does and I think a spike. Preston has gotten an 2- 8pts and a doe. My brothers was like a horse he said.. big and strong and he had missed a chance with him once before so he was dang sure going to keep hunting until he got him! It paid off! Here he is with his prize and his description of his hunt... I am very proud!What a weekend. I was honored to host Rocky Harris opening day after all Rocky has hosted me the last 7-8 years. Saturday morning Rocky struck first taking a big 9pt then a doe and button buck. Sat afternoon 1SG Richard Banks came up from Joplin to take Rocky's now vacant spot. Richard missed a good buck and I shot a doe. Sunday morning was slow and I stalked a good 8pt but he jumped the fence onto the neighbors property and all I could do was stand there and listen to the barrage of gunfire he started. Sun evening brought SGT Mathew Farmer out to my honey hole, he promptly missed a good buck and a decent 8pt within an hour on stand. The weather was nasty about 49 degrees with winds from the northeast at around 15mph, rain showers were coming and going as I saw two decent 8pts before deciding to shoot a couple does that came out unnoticed by me from my right at about 50yds. 15minutes later my buck stepped out from the same area as the does and stopped right where I had shot the 1st doe. He didn't jump out at me as a big buck at first and I flipped my scope covers open to check the rack out, the front cover clicked on my barrel and he looked right at me. He was high but not wide and I wasn't sure he was the big deer I was after but when he cocked his head I saw his G-4 and knew he was a good ten so I clicked the safety off, he started walking and that rattled me due to me taking so much time to size him up. My shot was hurried and he was walking, I knew I hit him back and he immediately ran straight away from me. I jacked another shell in and popped another at him as he left. Once I dropped the scope away I could not see any movement or white flags waving at me so I let it settle down and slipped out to recover my deer in the am. Off to Wal-Mart to get more doe tags and a restless night sleep wondering did I blow my opportunity. SGT Jason Steel accompanied me Monday morning to again nasty weather and a stiff north wind. No deer sighted by 8am and I was ready to collect my deer. I went to the first doe I could still see from my stand, the coyotes had tore her open during the night. The second doe I was sure was right next to her was not there, so I walked down the fence line and spotted her 50yds farther down from the first doe. I then cut a straight line west to the last spot I had seen the buck heading south and walked right up to him less than 50 yds from the second doe. He grew over night, he was the deer I was hunting and had seen for a brief moment while bow hunting that same area a week earlier. His rack roughly grosses 157BC, with 14 scorable points and 2 point just shy of an inch. My Woods Custom Rifle in .260 Rem had served me well once again, with the follow up shot through the left ear that ultimately brought the big boy down. Kudos to Chris Cauley of MidwayUSA who introduced me to COR Bon 120gr Barnes copper bullets. Now it's time to pack my bags, my girls freezer is now full and I can concentrate on my move to Hawaii 14DEC09. Aloha and Good Hunting SFC Neal Overstreet

The 12 of 12 and other stuff will have to be posted tomorrow or later tonight... Ive got to do some re-arranging with the computers..... back in a bit... :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

I missed you!~

Well..hello there! Ive missed my blog. I kept coming by and lovingly looking at my blog, but unable to sit down and really write something..

Ive been THAT busy!

Work is killing me folks! If we dont get a new software program soon Im going to have to start spiking my coffee on a daily basis! We did however finallllly get rid of one of my employees who was giving the whole company fits! And that is putting it MILDLY! The day he left I actually cried tears of joy, relief... you name it.. oh yes it was a victorious day in my work life let me tell ya!

Hopefully this next week will end some of the madness and I can get back to a normal slow paced work schedule and work on some things Ive been lacking.. me time things.. like this blog and hopefully scrapbooking again!

oooo and I dooo remember that tomorrow is 12 of 12 and since its Saturday.. going to make the best of it... oh yessss I will!!! heheeee

ps: I did finally take a pic of me-self! ;) of course Im dying my hair darker for the winter tomorrow.. and hopefully getting a cut... so I guess I'll have to maybe take another huh? ;)

More to come tomorrow... promise!!! ;)

Monday, November 30, 2009

This boy, my boy~

My son Justice... he is the epitome of *unconditional love* and I couldn't be more proud. This holiday weekend has made me realize even more that even though sometimes he marches to the beat of his own drum.. he is very loving, affectionate, caring and passionate about everything life has to offer. I admire his intelligence and laugh. I am in awe in the innocence and enjoy living and seeing life through his eyes.

I have many regrets with early decisions regarding my life with this young man, and I hope and pray that as he gets older he can realize that I was not doing anything intentionally except loving him and doing what I thought was the best for him for life. If he can forgive me and accept me for who I am, than I am one blessed woman.. and you know what, I truly believe just that, especially when he hugs me every morning and every night and tells me that he loves me. I have to.. I know him.. I know its unconditional!

Today, and always these days... I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet! ;o)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yum Yum~

ok... so I know its a bit late now to post recipes for Thanksgiving. Forgive me.. for I have had to work sooo much lately, and when I get home Im just exhausted. The weeks are starting to blur. This is no way to live.. but its how its going right now.

sooooo.. be on the look out coming soon recipes that my Grandma used for Thanksgiving.. but most certainly for Christmas too. I know I will add another at some point because there are some biscuits and a cheese ball that she always made Id love to share with you as well.

Coming soon...
Cranberry Salad
Impossible Pumpkin Pie
Scalloped Oysters
Copper Pennies
Angel Biscuits
Christmas Cheese Ball
and if I can find it.. Broccoli Rice Casserole

I also would like to share a hunting experience via my brother Neal and photos of his 16pt buck that he took this hunting season and then photos of the 2 bucks that Preston took as well. Oh not to mention Hunters first hockey game!

So.. hang in there with me.. I havent forgotten you ... still busy yet blessed!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! ;o)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Freaky Friday~

Today is Friday the 13th... cool huh? ... Well so far its been quiet. I am bored out of my mind at work, so you get an update on the life of Ang. Like I said, quiet and terribly boring. Todd is still out of town. I did see him briefly Wednesday evening. He shaved his mustache off ya'll... and let me just say.. me no likey!!! but I did like the other parts that he shaved {on his face ya'll pervs} hahaa. He also has seen NOTHING... no luck in the woods this week at all. He is pretty bummed.... but you never know.. he still has a couple of days before he comes back to reality! ;)

I picked up Justice last night. We had quite a long talk on the way home about worthiness. Apparently some jerk of a kid told him that he was worthless. I was so mad! He said "well Mom, its true I am a little bit worthless"... oh man did I ever come unglued. And so did Hunter. We told him how good of a kid he was...kind, intelligent and caring.. very loving and everything good. I told him to NEVER let anyone tell him that again. This just infuriates me. Kids have enough problems these days without some jerk kid bullying another around. He is 9 for crying out loud!!! Argghhh!

So, I have gotten a lot of compliments on the new blog layout.. and all I have to say is thank you to the
chick responsible ..hehehee I love her layouts.. go get yourself one!!!

Im getting ready for Christmas! .. listening to Christmas music.. getting
into the mood. Did you know you could set up a wish list at Jc Penney and Target {all that Ive checked out so far}.. make yourself a list.. its grand. I made one for Hunter and myself. Its a great way to get things you REALLY want... and makes it easier to shop for those hard to get people for sure!!!

This week I also found out that my brother Neal has to leave to report to Hawaii BEFORE Christmas.. so I have to plan an extra trip back home to say goodbye. I cried.. not going to lie... Im sooo going to miss him. I know this will be an awesome experience for them.. but for my own selfish reasons, I just hate to see him go. Todd and the boys too!

One last note... Im trying really hard to keep with my goal of dressing nicer for work. Here is a pic I snapped this morning. Ive gotten SO fat that I dont want any pics of me for the past several months.. but I go ahead and post and get it over with.. heehe ... Also an update from the doc... Im super healthy.. good blood pressure, great cholesterol counts, blood sugars and much to my relief a decent heart. I had been so worried because of some chest pains Id been having. He did an EKG and everything is still tickin' away ok. He told me that he thought it was panic attacks brought on by stress... no? really?.. hahaa.. ok then... he said.. you are emotional after all Ang.. not that its a bad thing.. but can cause you to have these things happen.. soooo calmmmm yourself.. relax. He really really wants me to have the weight loss surgery. I would agree, but my insurance says NO WAY. Sooo, Im stuck, I dont know what to do. He told me he would write anyone who would help me. I thought that was real sweet! Im just going to have to take the dive no matter how scared I am and try. Right?! ok, so I couldnt post the pic of me.. just cant do it-so you get King Hunter instead! .. and while posting this photo remembered that I FORGOT the 12 of 12 AGAIN!!! .. what am I going to do with me? hahaa

Hope your weekend is beautiful.. Im so blessed to have wonderful and encouraging friends who care enough to read my blog and I want you to know I include you in my prayers every night when I thank the good Lord! {I see you too Jodie.. love you chick-send more pics of your handsome boys heheee!!!} ;o)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fabulous Fall!!!~

Good golly Miss Molly!!!! This weather this week and weekend has been absolutely perfect!!! I love Fall!!!

Yesterday Todd left for his big hunt ... he and his brother-in-law Jim go every year around this time for a week long hunting vacation. They bow hunt deer and sit around the camp fire and tell lies.... so this is what Todd tells me anyway. hahaa. Im always happy for him to run off, I know then I'll have a clean house for a week at least.

Since he is gone, I decided to go ahead and start cleaning up some stuff around here. We need to get on the stick and start getting this place ready to sell so that we can get movin'!!! First off the yard was a mess.. I took down all the Halloween decos and got my fall stuff out. Got the house pretty much cleaned up.. altho my room is a disaster! And that was what I wanted to concentrate on most.

See I usually try to take on a big project like painting the bathroom or something while he is gone. This time was no different. I just received my 3 pints of Glidden paint for free and was going to redo the master bath and put up new border. Oh but nooooo, I had to go and move a dang pumpkin and the minute I moved it felt it was the wrong move.

Argghhhh ... My back totally is wrecked. Im having severe spasms on the left lower side. Last night it was so bad I thought for sure I was going to throw up! Ive tried heat pad and rest, but it just sucks.. the weather is so good and I was feeling soooo good up til then. Now Im barely moving. I cant wait to get to work tomorrow and ask my coworker for some muscle relaxers.. yup she has the hook up and its what helped the last time it was hurting so bad.

Before the big back injury... I got to roll around in the grass and leaves with Hunter and Aj and take some fall photos of them. They turned out awesomely! hehee I dont know why blogger is making them small and blurred, but if you click on them you can see them in better detail. I cant wait to get them printed. There is one that I want to use for sure of my niece Aj to display. I tell you though.. those 2 kids sure do love each other. Its apparent to all of us, but now everyone can see for real. Moving away will be hardest on them Im sure. But Im happy that they'll have these memories, so it wont be all bad or sad.

What did you do this weekend? Did you scrap....? I want tooo so badly but never want to do it with so many other things left undone. I did go to Hobby Lobby yesterday and ended up with a FALL garland that I will have to alter and hang before Thanksgiving... so that will be something... right?? hehe Have a great week ahead!!! ;)

Friday, November 06, 2009

Deep in Prayer~

I dont know if its just me, if maybe I have been watching too much TV, Nancy Grace or reading too many headlines... but lately all I have been doing is praying for all the souls lost so senselessly in this world. I just dont understand it. I dont know what is going on or how to stop it or even how to go about changing it. Someone help me understand. And while you are at it.. pray along with me too if you dont mind. Its the only thing I know to do right now.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy November~

Wanted to wish you a Happy November since its the 1st. I know most of us are still recovering from Halloween.. which btw.. here are some pics...

Hunter and Justice
Ninja Masters

The Gang
Nat{Ajs bff}, Aj{my niece}, Hunter & Justice

Beautiful Fall Evening

The Gang Heading Out

It was a great evening.. My sister-in-law Melly and I handed out candy while the guys took the kiddos out. We had such a good time laughing and talking. Poor Melly was sick and I think a bit wasted on the meds she has to take, hahaa but it was indeed fun.. after the candy was gone we came inside and drank coffee and watched Carrie. hahaa I think the kids all got about 10 pounds of candy each. We were all so exhausted that everyone was home and in bed sleeping by 9.30pm. haha So-much-fun! ;)

My goals for November are:
1} Clean my house real good.. right after I blog ;) hahaa
2} Take down all the Halloween decos and put up Fall/Thanksgiving ones!
3} Spend more evenings baking and making homemade gifts for Christmas.
4} Dress up more at work.
5} Have Thanksgiving at our house this year.
6} Put our home up for sale.
7} Get back on track with the doctor.. have an appointment Friday!
8} Inspire my family to help out more and be thankful.
9} Make some cards and get ahead of the game/finish my address book update.
10} Be the best that I can in every aspect of my daily life...and pray more!

What are your plans for November?.. Any new recipes to share? or crafty ideas since Christmas is coming and we all have budgets Im sure? Think on it and let me know.. :)

In closing...I thought of one more goal while proofing..and that is to not budge the heat over 68 this entire winter. I want to see if we can really save money by just having us dress more appropriately. hehee Again friends.. have a Happy November!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009~

Here is hoping you have a great day today.. and a better evening!

The sun is finally out!!! Im so happy.. too bad Im sooo tired! hahaa. I brought work home with me yet again and havent even began with that. I would like to make up some sort of treat to take to Mellys tonight for the chili dinner she is having. Andddd Id love to go shopping at Michaels or Hobby Lobby for some clearanced Halloween goodies or beads.. yes I said beads. Im actually looking for something in particular and its killing me. But... for now.. I lay my weary head back on my pillow for a little nap.. get up and go go go!!!

The boys are BOTH going to be Ninjas.. {gee I can hardly wait for all the sword and dagger flying} hahaaa. I will post pics as soon as I have them!

Have a great weekend! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Its no secret~

I love to cook and bake. I sure wish I had more time to do it. But ... you know, I just do what I can do. In the meantime, I wander from blog to blog reading about all kinds of delicious new things. I get newsletters and emails of recipes and google more recipes and try them as much as my family will allow. hehee I also have and love to collect cookbooks! Some of my most treasured items are my Grandmas cookbooks and written notes and recipes. Sooo many memories!

So.. today, I thought why not share another recipe, I hadnt done it in a while... and this came across in an email and it is just too cute of an idea! I always try to bring goodies on a regular basis to Hunters sitter. They love it.. so I thought I would do this for the coming Halloween. I mean with this weather being rainy and yuck why not!!??!!! If you try them let me know how they turned out.. ok? In the meantime... enjoy your weekend. Preston and Rachel are up for a visit and Im going to enjoy them as much as possible. hehee and speaking of cooking.. he wants me to make my famous meatloaf... I sure hope I dont disappoint.!!!! ;)

Candy Corn Cookies
1pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker® sugar cookie mix
1/3cup butter or margarine, melted

Orange paste food color
2oz semisweet chocolate, melted, cooled

Print these coupons...

About Concordance™

Line 8x4-inch loaf pan with waxed paper, extending paper over sides of pan. In medium bowl, stir cookie mix, butter and egg until soft dough forms.

On work surface, place 3/4 cup dough. Knead desired amount of food color into dough until color is uniform. Press dough evenly in bottom of pan.

Divide remaining dough in half. Gently press one half of remaining dough into pan on top of orange dough. On work surface, knead chocolate into remaining dough until color is uniform.

Press over plain dough in pan, pressing gently to edge of pan. Refrigerate 1 1/2 to 2 hours or until firm.

Heat oven to 375°F. Remove dough from pan. Cut crosswise into 1/4-inch-thick slices. Cut each slice into 5 wedges. On ungreased cookie sheet, place wedges 1 inch apart.

Bake 7 to 9 minutes or until cookies are set and edges are very light golden brown. Cool 1minute; remove from cookie sheet. Cool completely. Store in tightly covered container.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Friend in Need~

ok.. so I know a lot of us out there have friends that we've met via the Internet now a days. Friends that are dear to our hearts for one reason or another, someone that you've not met in person. If you are a person that has such a good "net friend" you will understand the severity of hurt and other emotions that come with knowing that that special friend is in need... of whatever.

Knowing and understanding that your friend is going through a tough time and that you are unable to be there for them in person. It really stinks. I feel almost useless. But, I cant feel that way. I have to help in any way possible and one important way is to continue my support if even via the net.

I have one such hurting friend right now. Her name is Kylee and she is the sweetest thing. I met her via Twitter... and I cant even tell you why, but Ive just come to love that girl. She is going through a very rough time right now and needs all of our prayers, strength, hope and anything we can come up with. I know she would be eternally grateful for our thoughts and wishes and any help we can give.

Please visit
Kylees blog to read the story.. and pray or donate.. or email her a hug ... just anything. It would mean the world to me to do this for her, as I have been in her shoes and its not easy... but I do know with community and friends she will make it alright!

Thank you... sincerely...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Uncle Gregs Party~

Ok.. so I didnt make it to post yesterday... who knew when they hired me that theyd expect me to work so hard? hahaa. Seriously I could have worked overtime last night and tonight and still not been done with what Ive been doing. Watch, next week I wont have a thing to do... ahhh work work work... hahaa

Sooo... this past weekend was a weekend Ive been looking forward to for a while. Uncle Greg, Todds Uncle was coming in from Texas. We havent seen him in several years and the last time was under seriously sad terms {his son, Todds cousin passed away}. So, we were looking forward to a nice family/friend get-together.

We met up over at our friend Johnnys house around 3pm and it was coldddd, we sat around the fire pit and told stories, drank drinks... ate dinner... After dark we all quieted down and were marveling in the fact that we were hard core partiers.. then my brother in law Jim looked at his watch... it wasnt even 9pm hahahaa... We all laughed so hard at the fact we were getting older.. at least together huh? haha. The next few hours flew by and there were hugs and more hugs until we finally left at midnight. It was a great time... great food. It took us {or well me} dang near til 5pm Sunday evening to recover. hahaa.

Here are some pics of the party.

Uncle Greg

Todd tellin' stories!

Roseyyyy cheeks!

Old time friends

Melly and Jim {Todds sister & her hubby Jim}

Messin' round... laughing and living!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back on the Wagon~

Hunter, Preston & Justice

I am promising right now to be a better blogger! I have just gotten lost in the days and weeks passing by.. so much going on and no slowing down.. sleeping, eating and working.. just no in between time. Im missing out on LIFE!!!! Soooo... Im going to shake things up and start living again. If I can kick Todd in the butt it will help too Im sure.

Can you believe Im already thinking about a Thanksgiving menu and we still have 2 weeks until Halloween. But hey, I like to plan ahead. Im hoping that Preston and Rachel will make it up for Thanksgiving... they havent been up since Fourth of July. And Justice... lets talk about that lil fella.. I cant remember the last time he was here! So Im truly looking forward to family being around and very soon!

Ok, so what have I been up to?... Well lastttt weekend I went back home for Justice soccer game on Friday night. I had the day off and Hunter and I took off fairly early, drove through rain the whole way! We ended up going straight to my brothers {Neals} to see Amanda and the new baby Addison. We had a great little visit and I got to talk to the nieces about what they think about my brother and his wife getting stationed in Hawaii and how they are handling it and their plans.

Baby Addison

Later that night, I went to Dads and fixed him dinner.. then Hunter and I went and picked up Justice since the game got rained out. We watched movies and chatted. The next day me and the boys met up with Preston, Rachel and her Mom and little brother for lunch. It was a great time and we got to celebrate Rachels birthday {hers was the 3rd}, it was also a mini celebration for mine, if even only in my own mind. hahaa. I also ran into a cousin I hadnt seen in ages so that was nice too!
After lunch, the boys and I went out to Dads and they graciously let me take photos of them! That made my entire weekend dont ya know! We went in and got ready for my other brother Daniel to come out with his family to have a birthday party for his youngest JR.. who turned one on the 13th. hehee lots of October babies! :)

JR the birthay boy {ONE}

We wrapped up the weekend Sunday and headed home...

Todd has been hunting on the weekends-hence why he didnt travel with me.. yes its true.. Im a "hunting widow" from October-January. Bad thing this year he hasnt seen a thing yet. I keep hopin' for the "big one" for him, but not yet.

Todd in his deer stand

This past week was hell on earth at work. I wont even bore you with those details.. lets just say... as I told my boss {appropriately on Bosses Day}..."if things dont change... Im going to start drinking margaritas at lunch to get through my day." haha
and so all I wanted to do when I got home this week was kick back, play some online UNO.. {thanks to facebook} and relax.. blah! hahaa..

So, now you are caught up to this weekend! I will post more of that and pics tomorrow!

My sweet, sweet fall boys!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Checking In~

Well, I wanted to post some pics from the weekend back home, but the pc that has the photos has gone caput! I will be back to post real soon. In the meantime.. enjoy this...Some retro funnies...

ps: Angie and Kimmy both nominated me for blog awards... Thank you girls!!!... please visit them in the links to the right side.. Im so happy to know them and be friends with both.. ;o)

Monday, October 05, 2009


Well today Im home.. I havent felt much like my joyous self lately and havent been feeling much like posting or complaining about anything to anyone. So Ive been missing for a bit. I dont want any sympathy as I know its all me. In my head and heart. And the things going on are things only I can fix. And with time they will be fixed or patched up. I just have to keep believing in myself that anything is possible.

Sooo... while reflecting and taking notes in my thoughts.. I got to looking around {perhaps side-stepping the issues for a moment} and found this.... Infinity Strength Necklace .... And this is the message....

~All the strength you need is right there inside you.~

I knew right away that I should get this.. first of all.. Todd has always told me this, he has always believed in me and I think gave me the courage to find my own strength. Also, with the way Ive been feeling, I just think I needed a little boost of that strength. I cannot wait to get it and wear it every day.

If you know me you know that this will pass, this feeling of ughness {is that a word?} and I will be back to my cheerful self soon. I have the strength, Ive been praying.. its just taking longer than usual.... perhaps old age?, perhaps change of season?.... perhaps.. Im just crazy! ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

There is a new chick in town~

Introducing Addison Marie Morton... born Saturday September 26th at 6.20pm. She weighed in at 6.9 pounds and is 19 inches long. She has curly black hair and blueeee eyes. Her proud parents are my niece Amanda and her fiancee' Jon. Proud Grandpa pictured here is my brother Neal. I wish them all the best!!! I cant wait to get my hands on her and get more pics to share!

In other news.. went back home this past weekend and visited with Dad, my friend Rhonda and my little brother Daniel and his family.. and spent the weekend with Justice. Friday night I got to see Preston and Rachel... they came out to Justices 2nd soccer game of the season. Justice sat most of the game out as he sprained his ankle in the first game and was still favoring it a bit. I also think he just wasnt into it that much. But we shall see how it goes.. this is just the beginning of the season.

Justice and I did make it out to the movies Saturday afternoon and saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was a cute movie and I think Justice really "got" the meaning behind it. It sure did make me hungry though. hahahaa

This weekend I also toured some of the houses that my Dad is rehabbing and has for rent/sale. Just in case we need a place to go when we move, I thought I better check them out. Soo that was a bit stressing for me.. trying to take in every detail and remember to tell Todd. I STILL cant believe we are moving. I wonder almost every moment if Im just dreaming, wondering when he will tell me he was just joking or that he will miss this place too much. Ahhh the stress!

On the way home ... I actually stopped at Archivers and bought something!!!! I cant tell you what.. but maybe I can show you after this weekend. I bought some stuff that I figured I could do without the bulk of my scrapping stuff that is barred up in the extra room for now. So.. with a little luck I'll get to do a few projects!!!

Pray for me! ;o)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


yup... totally moody... Ive been bawling at the littlest things for the past 3 days. I hate pms. And no thank you to my doctor who insisted that I have the Her Option done.. it has not helped at all.. if anything Im worse now that a year has went by.

Along with all the "female" pain... the knee pain is just horrible. I guess with fall comes that pain again. Last night I couldnt even sleep!!! Now thats just not right! I have to wait until October 9th to see the doc to see about that... but this time Im going to tell him exactly how it feels to cry myself to sleep.. that is if I can even get to sleep. ughh

To add insult to injury.. last night when I thought my ovaries couldnt take much more .. I really felt like they were going to explode ..{it was a nauseating pain. I just wanted to throw up... } Hunter came in and jumped on the bed and head butted me right in the bridge of the nose... and BOY does it hurt.. still today it aches and hurts. Im surprised I dont have black eyes. I feel bad for his poor head. It was completely an accident, but wow.. Im glad Im not a UFC fighter.. Id never make it... hahaaa

Today the pain has been a bit better.. but geez a loo.. how much can a person take... the advil isnt cutting it anymore. Laaaaaa

So I leave todays rant with this song... I heard it on the radio today and remembered how much I loved it. :)

Im With You...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Summary~

Well as some of you know as of late I just havent felt like posting much or doing much. I think the build up at work from doing the billing, traveling back home last weekend and all of the things that have happened over the past week have just wore me out. It was time for a little break. I am, however, working very hard on getting back on track and updating a few things.

First off I would like to recognize the passing of Patrick Swayze. At the announcement of his death I did not feel sadness, only relief for he and his family. Ive known all along the strong facade he has put on as I have had a friend die of the very same cancer. It is painful and drastic and Im so sure that he is in a much better place. Tonight, watching the Emmys they paid tribute to him in the Memoriam and it hit me... I truly, truly will miss him and his craft. He was in fact the first "man" that I fell into "lust" with. I remember seeing Dirty Dancing at the theatre and thinking.. wow, he is hot.. and actually knowing what "hot" meant and that it was something I had never experienced.. he was "sexy". So, for him and his family I hope he is resting in peace!

Secondly.. this week has brought such emotion out of me. Ive had to discuss some serious issues and feelings that I didnt realize I had bottled up in me with my ex-husband {Justices Dad}. Im thankful to him that we can actually talk and work out anything and have always been able to. I feel so guilty for the way that I treated him while with him and even after for a couple of years. But Ive grown and hopefully he can see that and forgive me someday. As far as Justice goes, I have to keep re-enforcing how much I love him and how much I want to be a part of his life even though at this time Im having to live life 2 and half hours away from him.

With these explanations of how and why we have to live where we do and why we are... its such a heartbreaking ordeal... for me, for us and for Justice. But this week I was able to finally reveal with great certainty and excitement that we will be moving back home and closer to him within the next year. We have set a goal for putting our house up for sale by November 1st and selling and moving by next spring/summer. Our ultimate goal is to be moved and settled by the time school rolls around in the fall-which will be Hunters first year. I cannot tell you how excited I am to know that we will be living closer to all of my family and especially my sons. So, with a big decision like this there is anxiety, but overwhelming emotion and for me disbelief that it is finally going to happen!

Upon the heels of divulging our newest goal/life changing decision I got a call from my brother Neal that he has been given orders by the Army to move to Hawaii!!!! ... Yeah.. just when we decide to finally move, he is moving and FAR away........ hahaaa. We dont know for how long, but we know for sure that we are super excited for him.. What a great deal huh?! Im so happy for him and he will be assured that we will be back home waiting for him after his call of duty is over. In other news with him.. Amanda is STILL pregnant! haha.. Hopefully she will pop this week as Im going back home this next weekend and am hoping to sneak a peek at a new bundle of joy!

Soooo, I shall leave this longggg post with some crafty stuff that I have done recently. It may be the end of it for a very long time as Im planning on packing my scrapbooking stuff up until we are settled.. its just one less thing to do... I hope that I can do it without pulling out my hair!

The first photo is an altered photo frame that I did for a friend who just got married, 2nd photo is a card that I made using my new cherry tree stamps, 3rd photo is a birthday card I created with some embellishments that Ive had since I started scrapping 4 years ago hahaa.. and lastly.. this photo is of a huge cappuccino cup that I altered with rubons for Prestons g/f Rachel. I also made the card that is sitting inside of it.. hehee TFL!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 12 of 12~

If you have facebook you may have seen some of these pics already if not.. woot! This 12th of September was spent back in my hometown of Fulton, Missouri and over at my brothers in Boonville, Missouri. It was a great day.. but way too short! So here we go...

Back home we believe in starting them out early... hunting that is! Here my brother Neal is helping his g/daughter out with her bow {yes she has her own bow}. All the boys took turns as well {yes they have their own as well} hehee.. Then later in the day it was the BB gun, I didnt get any pics of that, but let me just say teaching them about gun safety will probably take more than just one lesson.. whoa was I a nervous wreck!

Miss Jadyn doing the "apple dance".. a great reminder that its apple pickin' time.. she got these out of their front yard and was so proud.. but warned "they're awful wormy".. uhh yuck! ;)

So here is lil miss bashful... Savana always tries to hide from me... I dont know why? Is it because Im larger than life to her? orrrr could it be I always have a camera stuck in her cute little blue eyed face!?!

Oh boy is JR on the move.. he is crawling everywhere and is in general a good baby boy.. He is just about to walk, but crawling seems to be his fav.. here he is with his Daddy {my brother} Daniel. I thought this was a great photo of them!

While at Dads.. we were outside on his front porch waiting for BBQ.. we came along this creature.. a praying mantis.. I love how big it is... and it reminds me that country is where its at.. the kids just loved it.. uh well all of them except Hunter and he said.. "uhhh ewww gross!"

Getting to see Preston is always a sheer pleasure for me... He HATED getting his picture taken this time.. but I just had to.. he is so handsome and dammit if I cant see him as often as a Momma'd like then I better have some photos huh?!

And one of the MAIN reasons for heading back home this weekend.. Amanda.. my sweet niece Amanda who is bound to pop any day! She barely looks pregnant, but is READY she tells me. I went crazy at Kohl's with the baby outfits and made her an altered A to hang in the baby's room.. She plans on naming her baby girl Addison.. she is due 9/21. I cant wait!

The "magic wand" was hungry for some grilled chicken too....

No weekend is complete without stopping at Sonic to get a Route 44 Strawberry Slush.. I am sooo thrilled for Happy Hour and rarely miss an opportunity to partake!

ahhhhh water.. good ol H2o... my brother is actually training to be a MMA fighter... Hello, we arent as young as we once were! hahaa.. but its cool.. he has always been into health and fitness and this is just a normal thing with him.. watching him drink his weight in water. ;) hehee

Here he is that water drinking maniac.. my brother Neal. I cant believe how close we've become in our adult life. Im so very thankful for him... He prays for me and I for him.. we keep each other in check I think. I wish we could live closer for sooo many reasons!

andddd last but not least... lil miss Jadyn with her Fairy wings, skirt and slippers that I got her so that she wouldnt feel left out with all the baby gift giving. She wore them non stop for the day even though it was hot and they were sticking and cutting into her. Which reminds me of that song.. Thank Heavens for Little Girls.. because she truly is a wonderful little spunky girl!