Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fabulous Fall!!!~

Good golly Miss Molly!!!! This weather this week and weekend has been absolutely perfect!!! I love Fall!!!

Yesterday Todd left for his big hunt ... he and his brother-in-law Jim go every year around this time for a week long hunting vacation. They bow hunt deer and sit around the camp fire and tell lies.... so this is what Todd tells me anyway. hahaa. Im always happy for him to run off, I know then I'll have a clean house for a week at least.

Since he is gone, I decided to go ahead and start cleaning up some stuff around here. We need to get on the stick and start getting this place ready to sell so that we can get movin'!!! First off the yard was a mess.. I took down all the Halloween decos and got my fall stuff out. Got the house pretty much cleaned up.. altho my room is a disaster! And that was what I wanted to concentrate on most.

See I usually try to take on a big project like painting the bathroom or something while he is gone. This time was no different. I just received my 3 pints of Glidden paint for free and was going to redo the master bath and put up new border. Oh but nooooo, I had to go and move a dang pumpkin and the minute I moved it felt it was the wrong move.

Argghhhh ... My back totally is wrecked. Im having severe spasms on the left lower side. Last night it was so bad I thought for sure I was going to throw up! Ive tried heat pad and rest, but it just sucks.. the weather is so good and I was feeling soooo good up til then. Now Im barely moving. I cant wait to get to work tomorrow and ask my coworker for some muscle relaxers.. yup she has the hook up and its what helped the last time it was hurting so bad.

Before the big back injury... I got to roll around in the grass and leaves with Hunter and Aj and take some fall photos of them. They turned out awesomely! hehee I dont know why blogger is making them small and blurred, but if you click on them you can see them in better detail. I cant wait to get them printed. There is one that I want to use for sure of my niece Aj to display. I tell you though.. those 2 kids sure do love each other. Its apparent to all of us, but now everyone can see for real. Moving away will be hardest on them Im sure. But Im happy that they'll have these memories, so it wont be all bad or sad.

What did you do this weekend? Did you scrap....? I want tooo so badly but never want to do it with so many other things left undone. I did go to Hobby Lobby yesterday and ended up with a FALL garland that I will have to alter and hang before Thanksgiving... so that will be something... right?? hehe Have a great week ahead!!! ;)


linda said...

I managed to get some Christmas shopping started. Tonight I am going to work on some layouts, and Christmas cards.

Jenny B in Indy said...

And love your new blog layout, too!

Amie said...

1 - your blog looks awesome
2 - great fall pictures!
3 - no, I did not scrap, but I did buy scrappy stuff!

Kimmy said...

oh no, im sorry about your back. you made me realize i still have halloween decorations up and ummm its nov 9th. oops!

Cat said...

Super photos, A. And I really hope you got some relief!

Angie said...

Those pictures are awesome!! I hope your feeling better soon.

Becky said...

AWESOME pictures Ang!!!! Sucks about your back though.