Thursday, July 31, 2008

Be You~

I almost cried last night doing this layout of my oldest offspring. He is so darn handsome and innocent.. hahaa or at least I still feel he is. He is the best son-he is more than any one could ever ask for. Im sooo happy that I get to see him this weekend. My other two are so happy that their big brother is coming they can barely keep civil. They love their *best friend*. Makes a Momma pretty proud! The quote says "Where ever you go-go with all your heart"!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hilariousness ensues~

This blog is the funniest blog I have ever found! I go there every day for a pick me up! You know.. for when the bitches try to get you down.. yeah its good for that too!
Im just being real here! ;)
{Thanks Dr.Ennis for the advise all those years ago!}
Please visit.. you wont be disappointed!!! Go now.. run.. be happy and laugh your buns off! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little white spaces~

orrrrr is there??? ... hehee
Here is the first completed layout for the the Sketchfest this weekend. It was for the *white space* sketch challenge... I wanted to participate more, but my family is pretty much keeping me from accomplishing anything.. gah! I love them.. but hello- a girl needs her ME time too! Maybe later this evening.. who knows.
Anyway.. I hope you all are having a great weekend, getting things accomplished, being productive and creative! ;o)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I dare you~

to join the fun!!... Im playin' so why dont you?... its going to be awesome!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Turning the Corner~

I think my youngest punk Hunter is turning the corner from the *Terrible Twos and Threes*! Finally! And now, Im sad. hahaa. Weird how that goes. I wanted him out of that stage, but didnt want him to grow up! No darnit, dont grow up too fast! Lord knows the weeks and months and years are going by in flashes. I want to hold onto this for a long time. But thats just not the way it is. Im so proud of the lil fella... lately he has been honing in his manners and has discovered the sweetest disposition in regards to woo'ing his Momma. He knows that when he is in trouble that he can call me *Momma* and get me to smile everytime! And lately he has been calling me *Momma Mia* and giggles and begs me to take him to see the movie as we both love the music! Oh, he also knows how much I love Mexican so he calls me *Mammazita* when we go out to our favorite Mexican restaruant. So cute! Anyway.. today my lil punk told me after I got all fixed up for work .. *Mom, you look very nice!*.. very plain, very sweet and very innocent. He doesnt know how that made my day. I love him so much!... and so from the wild and into everything to the noticing, drinking up the learning and sharing his feelings and emotions... he is turning a corner!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunshines Sketch Challenge~

Sunshine-over at Crazy 8's posted this sketch challenge for a RAK.. wasnt that sweet??...hehee.. boy was I ever weary of it.. I was plum scared as at first glance it looks sooo difficult, but once I looked it over, sketched it out on paper, I knew exactly what Id do. And I loveee this pic of the boys.. It truely is a portrait of how they are in so many ways. Enjoy this touch of summer and challenge yourself to do the sketch too! If you post it over at Crazy 8's you are automatically going to get an incentive prize and the RAK goes to the winner Sunshines daughter picks! Good Luck!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Let the Sun Shine In~

What a week huh?...
I tell you if it werent for stress and drama Id have no life.. well...
Thankfully its changing... SWEET!!!! I left my 2nd job and am making some other changes as well in my daily schedule. Im going to spend more time with Hunter and more quality time with Justice and work on my hobbies in my free time and if there is no free time.. OH WELL. Working the 2nd job was like a wake up call. I didnt work it long, but long enough to find out that my family misses me and that Im a vital person within it. Especially me being Momma! Im glad to be back home in the evenings and have found that Im able to still get out amongst the public working at the hobbies I love, taking part in classes and sharing and hopefully in the future selling some of my art. That would be wicked awesome {as so eloquently stated by my husband}. haha It sure as heck would support my habit anyway!

What about CHA and all the sneak peeks this week? Wow.. I tell ya.. Bo Bunny and Melissa Frances are like my favs this year... oh and I cant forget about Pink Paislee!!! Im loving looking at all the pretty fall and winter stuff. And cant wait to purchase it!!! I wish we had a fall/winter convention here as well as the spring one.. that would rock!

Ok, so this isnt the best layout, but give me a break, I havent been scrapping in a while.. only a small card here and there! This was made for a RAK challenge I sponsored over at Crazy 8's this past week. I actually got to scrap a new card today for a card challenge for Creative Scrappers so that was good and have a couple ideas on my work table to tackle this weekend... I hope to take a pic and post later tonight.... but for now.. I leave you with a lil piece of sunshine and great weekend wishes!

To you~

Go ahead and....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What do you do when a girl breaks your heart?~

buy her a puppy...
or so this is what my son thought he'd do to win back the heart of his girlfriend who apparently lied to him. I dont know why he felt he should do this, but I know he was feeling way low and this purchase has made him feel much better. He and his girlfriend named the puppy Princess. Preston will be taking care of her and teaching her how to do the various things little puppies need to learn. hehee. Ive felt guilt ridden for years over not being there for Preston and right now especially Id love to go to him and let him know how much I love him and am here for him, but he is a man now.. he doesnt need cuddles..he just needs reassurance that things will get better.. and I hope that I have helped in some small way. He does in fact know the things I felt guilt about and forgives me luckily. I hope so much that he gets stronger and puts his foot down so that people dont take advantage of his kindness. He has lost 30 pounds in the past few months and Im worried, but I also know that he is a smart and blessed man and will find his way.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lady Bug Lady Bug~

Fly away home... and in this case to the homes of the girls that were in on the Summer Card Swap over at Crazy 8's! I was laying in bed the other night after teaching my first card class at work about all the neat things you can do with just some brads, paper, ink and some bling.. hehee One of the cards for class was made to swivel using a brad-revealing the message underneath, it was pretty simple but got me to thinking of the things I could do... so I dreamt about this........amazingly they turned out real cute! I love the color combo of brown and pink and got to digging into my stash and decided ooo this would be a perfect color combo especially since I didnt really know what or how to do the eyes. The only thing I regret now NOT doing was adding some stickles to the wings, blinging them up a bit. I will be sure to do that next time though!
Note: Did you know that ladybugs symbolize Luck and Love? They sure do.. just another reason to love them and cherish them even more I think.

Hope your 4th of July weekend was safe and relaxing!!!