Thursday, April 30, 2009

They say...

when one door shuts... another opens. and.. I feel like this is the story for Matt G.! I was so happy that he got the wild card and the 2nd chance.. and sooo sad to see him go last night. I read this quote {“I can’t wait to see my name on a trivia card.”} from an interview with him today and say... good for you! Good. for. you!
I wish Matt the best. What a sweetheart. btw.. I thought his song this week was PERFECT!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camp Out~

Im thinking this will be the first of many camp trips this summer.. at least I hope there will be many more. Altho its exhausting, its so worth it to see how happy my boys are. Only Hunter got to go this time, but Im also hoping that the other 2 will get to join throughout the summer.Thinking back we should have left Friday night, but since we had soccer Saturday morning, we took Friday night for packing and getting things ready so that we could just grab our bags and leave after the game. So thats exactly what we did.

Camp was set up by 4 at the very latest and with the new spring hours it stayed light for quite a while. Our friend Matt {who works/went to school with Todd} came along too. He brought his g/f, Beth and her daughter Ashley and then Matts daughter Savannah came along too. The kids took a long bike ride and we just sat around and chatted. Beth is just getting into scrapbooking so I had brought her some magazines to look at and we talked about that. The guys.. well who knows what they were talking about hahaaa. Then we fired up the camp fire good and grilled brats, hotdogs and burgers. Man was it all good. The kids roasted lots of marshmellows and made smores. Can you believe that was the first time Id ever had one? {ps: I dont like them} But at least I had to give it a try.

I gathered up the girls and Hunter and took them to the showerhouse. We all showered and got our jammies on. Boy did that feel good after sweating and the wind blowing dirt on us. When we got back the kids went to bed and the beer started flowing a bit more for Matt. hehee. We stayed up and laughed for a bit. Then I hit the hay. I felt so old haha. I couldnt sleep but laid there and listened to them chat and laugh. Then Todd came to bed. Beth went to bed and we stayed up and listened to Matt talk to himself and giggle. To say he was a bit tipsy. Very funny. He was even talking in a different language. Cracked us UP!
I tried soooo hard to sleep. Im just not used to the ground. LMAO. Then finally when things were silent.. I hear this WHOOOP. Then whoooo whoooo. This stinkin' owl was sooo very very loud. hahaa. Just as it stopped and I fell to sleep.. I hear drip drip drip.. OMGOSH, it was raining!!! hahaa. I woke Todd up. {oh btw, I had to pee soooo bad!} haha. It only rained about 10 minutes. Then I got up and managed to pee alllll over myself in the woods. hahaa. I know TMI, but hey its my blog! haha Anyway.. after cleaning up. Got back to bed and did manage a couple hours sleep.Woke up and my most favorite part of camping.. taking me back to when I was a kid camping out at the lake.... fixing breakfast on an open fire. YUMMO! Bacon and eggs... mmmm It was just yummy! We were back home by noon on Sunday.. and took a LONG nap. hehee.
Fun times~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Grandma would have a FIT!~

I know she is looking down from heaven and thinking... "What on earth were you thinking?!" hahaa. but... I think she would forgive as..well, he is just too stinkin adorable not to. Hunter woke up this morning and said, "I think Id like to get my haircut today, Im going for the mohawk-THE REAL ONE!"... and boy did he. I sat there peeking out from my fingers over my face. On the verge of crying.....why its just inappropriate for a young boy to have such a hairdo.. ahhaaa. But none the less this lil boy is his own lil character and was so excited. I just had to let him be himself and go for it. And he is a lil cutie if I do say so myself. His Dad loves it too and is talking about doing one himself. oh brother! haha ;)Have a great weekend.. we are off after the soccer game to camp for the weekend. It will be the first time Todd and I have ever went camping together... wish us luck and FUN! hehe ;o)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh my...~

Im sorry I havent written in a while. While I dont feel I have much to blog about, I really do. Lots has happened, but Im not sure what is so interesting to the people who dont know me. Anyway, I'll quit rambling.

1} Adam Lambert.. I love you. I hope you win and when you do I will buy all of your goodies.
I hope that Lil and Anoop go home, but above all I hope that people soon see Gokey for who he really is. I think he tries too hard. But Im sure he'll go to the end. Just watch out for Kris! ;)

2} Miss California... you did not win because of your beliefs, you are right. You have a twisted, fantasy like way of thinking. You feel you are a higher being, more so than the majority of Americans and it shows. Miss America to me represents everything you are not. You are not eloquent, you are NOT religious, you are not a wholesome or pretty person. You are shameful.

3} Im very proud of Andy Dick. He was sober 9 months today. I hope he has many more sober months and years ahead of him.

So thats enough of my Celebrity opinions for now... hahaa. But I just had to get it off my chest.

We had the 2nd soccer game this past weekend. Hunter did VERY well. He played the whole game and never shed a tear! He is pumped for this weekend too. And tonight decided that he wants to go ahead and do the Mighty Ball T-Ball too. So we are now one of those sets of parents that will be running every Saturday. hehee Because he was so good we got him a Leapster! I really scored on it, I got it on clearance for $34 and then had a $10 coupon off. Rock on!!!

This past weekend Preston also made his way up for a visit. I felt so bad that it rained the entire time. He spent most of the weekend texting his new g/f. I didnt mind, because when it came down to it..he was one bored dude. We hope so much that the next visit we can go camping or fishing or grilling. It will make for a better weekend for sure.

In the midst of everything and the company that left a couple weeks ago.. I have been working a lot at work trying to catch up. I think Ive almost got it mastered, but then again Ive had the office to myself for a week and a half and that makes a huge difference. We'll see how the rest of the week works out.

I also got to scrap about 3 weeks ago, only got one thing done, but hey I did it. hehe

Personally, I have been begging the Good Lord for answers as to why I am here on this earth, what is my purpose. My friend Cat posted a question today wanting to know if we were where we thought we would be at this point in our lives. Well... I have to say I have lived 4 very different lives {being married 4 times}... Im loving the point where I am in my relationship. I feel comfortable, in love and loved. But as far as financing no, not exactly. Its not bad, but its not where I want to be. I think with time this will be solved. As we know-good things come to those who wait {and go for it! haha} Anyway...I guess youd say Im in a funk of sorts. I need to feel appreciated, more than just a wife or Mom.. more than just a friend. And more organized and TOGETHER. I know this feeling will pass, but its tough right now. I just need to take a step back and relax, breathe and reflect... and find that kind that I aspired to find at the beginning of this year.

Here are some photos to share... enjoy and have a great week! :o)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matt G.. SAVED!!!!~

I was sitting here trying to think of something to write and happened to be watching American Idol. I missed the moment that they said Lil was safe and that Matt was going home unless he got the save. I heard him singing, was ticked that it wasnt Lil going home. Matt sang his HEART out. And................. they saved him! They did!!! I cried. He cried. Way to go. You made history. Best wishes next week..! Send Gokey HOME! heheee

Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 of 12~

Happy Easter 2009!!!! .. We've had this bowl of eggs sitting on our table for about a month now. Usually we fill them and hide them, but this year we had our celebration on Saturday, which included the town Easter Egg Hunt. Hunter did great and out of all of the {3-4yr olds} he was only 1 of 4 to win a grand prize.. he got polka dot colored sidewalk chalk. He was super happy!

The Easter Bunny came this morning and left a stash of stuff. He wasnt too awake when I snapped the pic, but when he woke me up he was in sheer Easter heaven!

For some reason ever since I can remember, well I think since Preston was tiny either my Mom or me would get some sort of Easter goodie/statue to display. This was my find this year, one representing each boy of mine. I love how distressed and old they look! {Hobby Lobby find}
Now on to the real 12th.. hahaaa.. Since we celebrated Easter on Saturday .. I had Sunday left to do all the cleaning. I started with this MOUNTAIN of laundry. {ps: Todd was out shooting his new gun so Hunter and I did a lot of the photos with him included ehehe}
This is the work that I brought home with me to do over the weekend. Who was I kidding.. I didnt even move it from the table.

This photo represents the charging of phones. I had a really long and good talk with my Mom. She told me that she was looking at the calendar to schedule a visit. Made my day!
Mopping.. ughhhh. Do ya'll have ants? The lil bitty ones? They are all over here, and a lot of the houses around here this time of year. Im at all out war with them. Keeping the floor mopped, dishes rinsed/washed and put up helps, but man these suckers are hard to kill.
Hunter did spend a big part of the day playing outside with his new "Flat Ball", here it is popped out, but he can flatten it and send it sailing like a frizbee or let it pop out to this round shape. Aunt Melly always finds the coolest things! This Easter gift... no different!
Im still having troubles figuring out my new camera... but the one thing I doooo love is the fact that I can finally take pics of Kitty aka Nikki with her eyes open. So I shot this yesterday as she was enjoying the nice springy breeze.
Here is a new and improved Ruby.. we finally were able to give her a bath after her surgery {spayed 2 weeks ago}.. boy was she a stinker!!!
And here is my self-portrait.. a new and improved me after a shower after the day I had.. it was well needed for sure. It helped relax all the tensions for sure. And look Kimmy-no makeup!!! hehee {I know its blurred, but hey, if it werent youd be scared for reals!!!}
One of the BEST inventions... this lil activity table that Hunter is sitting beneath. Helps save Momma in the clean up carpet department. Has holders for crayons and books, toys, drinks or snacks.. He loves eating his breakfast on it, coloring and playing w/his Ben10 as seen here. This lil gem was a find at Hobby Lobby for $6.99, well worth it... dang, I just thought.. I should have used my 40% off coupon. gah! hahaa.. always a day late and dollar short!
My last photo is how Hunter and I ended a very full day. We sat down and stained some glass for my Mom and her husband. Hunter did a dragonfly and I did a car. This is an activity that Hunter has really gotten into. He loves painting and proudly tells everyone that he can paint good.. and that he is a good artist. Im glad he got some of my creative side. :)

This is a wrap on my 12 of 12 for April 2009. I hope you enjoyed the photos and narration. Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Well well well...This past weekend several of my friends from Minnesota that I met through scrapbooking via the Internet got together here at my house. We spent the weekend shopping and carrying on. I will more than likely post more about it later.

But one of the highlights of my weekend was getting new "ink". I had been thinking about getting a new tattoo {like I needed another}haha.. anyway. I had seriously wanted 3 nautical stars on my wrist a bit smaller than dimes to represent each of the boys. The artist did not want to do anything that small, so I had to go with my 2nd choice which was a swallow.

They say that they are old school* tattoos but have been recently revived.. and this is true as I have admired Marah Johnsons art work using swallows. I decided that Id go for it and decided that Id go with getting one on my wrist. I chose teal and pink with blue highlights. Swallows represent freedom, love and loyalty.. and I think it suits me fine. I love it...

The artist that did the tattoo was an old school mate of Todds, so I think with the price and the nice work, I may be getting a few more in the future to really finish the representation of my boys. I wish my Dad were alive.. Id love to show him. I think he would like it a bunch. {he and I both shared a love for tattoo art}

Monday, April 06, 2009


Who knew it would be so emotional? Hunters first game was this past weekend. He had quite the cheering team, looked great and did great during practice. When game time arrived and the "orange team" appeared and started playing.. he took it quite personal and spent the following 30 minutes crying and clinging to us. Apparently he didnt understand that the other team would literally try to take the ball from his team. hahaaa Ahh well, hopefully he will catch on and not be so concerned with the other team. It was fun and here are a couple pics from the big day. His team is called.. "The Blues".. even though he thought they should be called "The Blacks" hahahaa

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shout Out~

to my friend Cat. Today she turned 30!!! I cannot tell you the friendship that has developed between she and I since we met in real this time last year. I consider her my best friend! I know she is a bit uneasy about turning 30, but hey, if I can do it..I KNOW she can. hehee.

I remember the trials and tribulations and they all shaped and formed me into the mess I am today.. oh.. did I say mess? haha.. I mean the person I am today. I truly am a happier person and think with age everyone is.. unless they are old codgers. lol..

Anyway. Im getting away from the originality of this post. And that is to wish my friend Cat the best of days to come. I wish that she was here this weekend and vow that some day, some way we will take that road trip we've been talking about to see a real fine Georgia peach and her lil boysss too ;) hehee.

Here is to you Miss Cat.. Happy Day!!!! *big squishy hugs*!!!!
ps: Sorry about the photo.. unfortunately thats the only one I could find of us together ;(