Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camp Out~

Im thinking this will be the first of many camp trips this summer.. at least I hope there will be many more. Altho its exhausting, its so worth it to see how happy my boys are. Only Hunter got to go this time, but Im also hoping that the other 2 will get to join throughout the summer.Thinking back we should have left Friday night, but since we had soccer Saturday morning, we took Friday night for packing and getting things ready so that we could just grab our bags and leave after the game. So thats exactly what we did.

Camp was set up by 4 at the very latest and with the new spring hours it stayed light for quite a while. Our friend Matt {who works/went to school with Todd} came along too. He brought his g/f, Beth and her daughter Ashley and then Matts daughter Savannah came along too. The kids took a long bike ride and we just sat around and chatted. Beth is just getting into scrapbooking so I had brought her some magazines to look at and we talked about that. The guys.. well who knows what they were talking about hahaaa. Then we fired up the camp fire good and grilled brats, hotdogs and burgers. Man was it all good. The kids roasted lots of marshmellows and made smores. Can you believe that was the first time Id ever had one? {ps: I dont like them} But at least I had to give it a try.

I gathered up the girls and Hunter and took them to the showerhouse. We all showered and got our jammies on. Boy did that feel good after sweating and the wind blowing dirt on us. When we got back the kids went to bed and the beer started flowing a bit more for Matt. hehee. We stayed up and laughed for a bit. Then I hit the hay. I felt so old haha. I couldnt sleep but laid there and listened to them chat and laugh. Then Todd came to bed. Beth went to bed and we stayed up and listened to Matt talk to himself and giggle. To say he was a bit tipsy. Very funny. He was even talking in a different language. Cracked us UP!
I tried soooo hard to sleep. Im just not used to the ground. LMAO. Then finally when things were silent.. I hear this WHOOOP. Then whoooo whoooo. This stinkin' owl was sooo very very loud. hahaa. Just as it stopped and I fell to sleep.. I hear drip drip drip.. OMGOSH, it was raining!!! hahaa. I woke Todd up. {oh btw, I had to pee soooo bad!} haha. It only rained about 10 minutes. Then I got up and managed to pee alllll over myself in the woods. hahaa. I know TMI, but hey its my blog! haha Anyway.. after cleaning up. Got back to bed and did manage a couple hours sleep.Woke up and my most favorite part of camping.. taking me back to when I was a kid camping out at the lake.... fixing breakfast on an open fire. YUMMO! Bacon and eggs... mmmm It was just yummy! We were back home by noon on Sunday.. and took a LONG nap. hehee.
Fun times~


Kimmy said...

never had smores til now?! what the hey?! you should get beth to scrap online with us :) I think I also would have a very, very hard time going to sleep too with no tv/computer to get me sleepy first. I'm glad yall had fun :)

Taryn Lopshire said...

Oh so funny...I can't imagine camping like that, but sounds like you made it fuN!!!

Amie said...

oh my, camping is SO fun...so glad you went!

JennK said...

S glad you had fyn!! BTW your blog looks fantastic!!

Gina said...

Your camping trip looked like a blast! :) It's been awhile since the last time we went camping, maybe we'll go this summer!

Cat said...

I LOVE CAMPING! I love Smores....and I have NO SKILLZ at peeing while squatting/hovering.