Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Stubborn Tear~

From within I start to swell
as water seeps into a well
coming from deep inside
tore from the place I hide
to the edge I start to flow
I must hang on I will not let go
not able to hold on I slip
down the face I make the trip
being helped by others I loose my fear
no longer am I a stubborn tear.

Written by my brother Daniel~11-23-2002

Friday, June 03, 2005

June June June~

Have you ever moved to a place far away from your comfort zone? .... How did you feel?... When you started a new job did it feel like your first day of school all over again?..... Well for me the answer to these questions are: Yes, moved out of state 2 years ago. At the time it felt exciting, liberating and scary. And when I started my new job I did feel like that. I met my co-workers and we worked in the same office with a lady named June.

The day I met her, I said hello, my name is doll~ and she said swiftly....yes I know...and took off to her office. I thought.....well... hows that for shortness. Later that day my supervisor came in and I asked who the lady was that was so short. Why that is JUNE. She has worked in our building for quite some time. She was also the only black woman in the building. Now, this was pointed out to me by my supervisor, not that I either cared or minded.... but around this area the prejudice runs rampant. Another reason I feel/felt so out of place.. She once told me, little do they {the prejudice}know, I was born to a black momma and a white hell with these folk as she laughed and shook her head!!
Anyway.... As the months rolled by I got to know June.... She grew up rough, she knew poor and she knew wealth. We were both from the country so we always cackled like old hens talking about sloppin' the hogs, or old family recipes. I got really close with June and considered her my confidant...She also taught me again the healing powers of the almighty GOD. Anytime Id get down, shed say GIRL, pray for strength, get down every morning and thank the Lord for another day and then ask for more strength if you need it. That really really has helped me more than I ever thought.
I quit my job last year, and hadnt seen June in a while. I have seen her though several times in the past month and she is the same ol June...and I have missed her dearly. She is a woman of high intelligence, grace and major class.... She is a good friend, and I hope that she knows just what she means to me even though I have never formerly told her..... Maybe I will copy this and send to her in a card~
June, June.....June