Monday, July 26, 2010

Part 2 of the Super Vacation!~Finally ;)

This is part 2 of our vacation back a couple months ago. Sure did go by fast! Id love to have another vacation like this. It was wonderful!!!
Justices ballgame!
Dad and the boys fishing.. Dad caught the keeper!

Swimming.. oooo we got sooo burnt, but it was FUN!
Dinner out several times with our favorite people! So happy to spend a lot of time with Preston and Rachel! :)

Lots of bowling! It was awesome, after 9pm they turn off the lights and its all lit in neon and they play oldies videos. We had a fantastic time and will be doing this again when we go back!

More fishing! Rachel and I caught the big ones this time! hehe Its been FOREVER since I went fishing, so it was pretty awesome!

Fathers Day ... Hunter could hardly wait to give his Dad his card. So much love!

Last minute playing at the park before leaving *back home-Missouri*. We were so sad to go, but had such a great time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whats for Supper?

Whats for supper this week?... My friend Linda always does a Monday Menu of the week and I love reading all the yummy stuff she plans to make. I especially love when she tries new recipes and shares. I thought today Id write down what I *think* we will be having this week for supper.

~beef stroganoff, green beans and biscuits

~beef pot pies/pizza rolls {I have a dinner meeting to go to so I will be eating Italian-YUM}

~tuna noodle casserole w/peas and biscuits

~turkey burger burritos and Mexican rice

Friday~out- {I will be away all weekend so the boys are on their own}

ETA: Here are the 2 necklaces I made last week. The 2nd one was made for my niece Alana. She LOVED it!!! I did it using scrapbook paper, glue and a rubon!
I plan on making more of these!!! ps: Next time Im going to use the Dimensional Modge Podge!Also, I am working on an altered picture frame. Im having troubles figuring out what kind of flowers or embellishments to put on it, so it is still sitting on my desk. But as soon as I get it done I definitely want to post the pic for comments/constructive criticism! hehee

In addition
I will be back with pics from the rest of our vacation down at Dads!

Have a great week!!! ;O)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garden of the Gods..

The last leg of our Southern Illinois get away was spent in June at Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest. It was beautiful! It was hot and muggy, but we braved the trails and headed up to see these fabulous rocks out in just the middle of nowhere! God really did have a hand in this. The Indians hid in these hills and its amazing to think that possibly there was actually water running through here at some time.

I cant say that while we were up there on those rocks that I didnt get scared.. cuz boy I did. There was nothing to hold you up there, you were just there in space with the rocks and trees and air. Justice wanted to explore, but he is in that clumsy stage and we didnt trust him that close to the edge.. heck I didnt trust myself that close! Id start taking pictures, get dizzy and have to back off. The one pic of Todd is right beside a huge crevice that if you fell youd be dead meat! I love all the pics of this journey. I hope you do too!

After we left the Garden of the Gods we drove by this barn and painted on the roof were the words "Monky Ashe Cheez" ... say what??? LOL.. we were laughing so hard. It was almost as funny as the restaurant that we saw earlier that day that was called "Wok and Roll" haha a cute Chinese buffet. hahaaa

The rest of our vacation was spent back home with Dad, Preston and Rachel. We did a LOT back home too.. lived life to the fullest! I will be back later with pics from that trip as well! I wish it was time to go on another adventure! hehee We really enjoyed ourselves and the boys are still talking about it and ready to go again too!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

red highlights Pictures, Images and Photos

red highlights Pictures, Images and Photos

Ok, so basically my hair is cut in a combo of these two styles. Im seriously thinking about getting the red highlights... I know that I dont want as much red as what is in the top photo, but my bangs are more like that than the 2nd. I like the 2nd cut and color but the bangs arent the same as mine. Help?! What should I do? I need girlie opinions! I need a change!!! ;o)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My reality at the moment...

I was reading Stephanie Howells blog one night and she had recently posted about our everyday realities. What really goes on.. no sugar coating. Some of mine today...

I have a sink full of dishes at home, and sometimes Id rather just stay at work as to go home and face the mess awaiting me.

Im worried about what the future holds as far as retirement and working .. most people have a plan in place by my age, but I dont. ;(

I have flowers that I bought before July 4th that still havent been planted, they are still in the containers from the store, if it werent for Todd watering them they'd already be dead.

Todd has been working a different shift than me lately and I hate it, I cant seem to get up or maybe dont want to because he is not there to keep me company ? in the morning? .. Not sure whats up with that.

Today I realized that I am totally not prepared to have a child in kindergarten... its been so long since Ive had a child to take back and forth to school. wow. Unreal!

I havent gotten a whole heck of a lot done at work today, because Id rather be on the computer.

My Moms husband was baptized into the Mormon religion this past weekend... and Im still not quite sure how to react.

What is your reality today?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Superrrrr Vacation!!!

We had a fantastic vacation!!! It started off with a surprise trip for the boys to Metropolis, IL. We left on a Saturday morning and boy was it ever hot! We stopped briefly along the way at Fern Clyffe State Park. We used the bathroom {which was nasty! I really wish people would take pride in their surroundings!!!} and took pics by this enormous rock. The boys ventured up to a small cave and quickly came back as it was too hot & humid to do much exploring even in the shade.
We ventured on and ended up in Metropolis-home of Superman!!! The boys were super excited once we got there!
We went directly downtown to see the Superman statue and walk around the streets and see what was what! It was great, Ive never sweated that much in my entire life, but it was well worth it! We took pics at the Superman statue, walked a bit, got some shaved ice, then Justice got on this bungee jump thing. He hated it because it was so tight around his nether regions. But had fun just the same. While we were watching Justice all kinds of dressed up characters were walking around. Wonder Woman, Superman, Lex Luger, The Joker and his girl.
And then we saw the Storm Troopers. I thought Todd was going trip trying to get to them before they left the area so Hunter could have his pic taken with them. heheee
Later after walking around I found a little stand and the fella was selling all kinds of figurines. I looked closer and he was selling Lego people. I about cried. We found Hunter the Batman and Robin Lego characters and the fella selling them was so interesting. The boys asked him so many questions and he was a sure wealth of knowledge. Both boys got 2 figures and then he gave them 2 each as well for a GREAT price. The boys called him their hero of the weekend! heheWe settled at the hotel and went swimming.
The hotel was nice and we enjoyed every bit of our time there. It was funny too to wake up and walk through the halls with Lone Ranger and Clark Kent and have pictures taken with them and even Laura Croft Tomb Raider. hehee We were so tired that evening that we were all snoozing by 9pm!!!

We drove around and since we were so close to Kentucky went over the state line, ate dinner, explored and took pictures near the Ohio River and the Fort there in Metropolis.
Sunday we went back into Metropolis to the street fair and walked around, sweated some more and got some goodies to take home. Then we spent most of the rest of the time relaxing in the pool and swimming.
We took a little trip to Kentucky Lake and Dam one evening. It wasnt very exciting, but something to do and we liked the area so much we thought we may come back to do some camping some time and play in the lake.
Monday we got up and headed back home. We decided to stop at Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest. Im so glad we did!!!...

more to come... Thanks for being so patient with me and my posting. I wish I werent so detail oriented sometimes.. then I could have finished a long time before now. hahaa ;)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy 4th of July!!! Celebrate and have a good time.. all while being safe!!! ;O)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Nom...Nommm.. Nomm!!!

I think Ive found a favorite new cereal! Its Honey Nut Shredded Wheat!!! Its sooo good for you and its delicious! It doesnt soften up too easy so beware of that if you have sensitive teeth like I do. But holy cow.. its awesome! If you like shredded wheat at all.. give this a whirl.. it has just the right sweetness to it!

Nom Nom Nommmm ;)

Sorry, so sorry...

I am seriously trying to work on a blog post about our vacation. I keep getting interrupted and have tons of work to do at work, still catching up there. In the evenings Ive been cleaning house, re-arranging and getting things ready for Preston, Rachel and her Mom and brother who are all coming in Friday night to spend the weekend at our house for the 4th of July. Its exhausting. And to be truthful as Todd says "I'll be waiting for you to tell your story for the next two days" hahaa.. ok so I take a while to tell a story.. geez.. sorry, but I like details! ;)

Never fear.. I'll be posting the story and pics from vacation very soon. Thanks for hanging in there! :)