Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whats for Supper?

Whats for supper this week?... My friend Linda always does a Monday Menu of the week and I love reading all the yummy stuff she plans to make. I especially love when she tries new recipes and shares. I thought today Id write down what I *think* we will be having this week for supper.

~beef stroganoff, green beans and biscuits

~beef pot pies/pizza rolls {I have a dinner meeting to go to so I will be eating Italian-YUM}

~tuna noodle casserole w/peas and biscuits

~turkey burger burritos and Mexican rice

Friday~out- {I will be away all weekend so the boys are on their own}

ETA: Here are the 2 necklaces I made last week. The 2nd one was made for my niece Alana. She LOVED it!!! I did it using scrapbook paper, glue and a rubon!
I plan on making more of these!!! ps: Next time Im going to use the Dimensional Modge Podge!Also, I am working on an altered picture frame. Im having troubles figuring out what kind of flowers or embellishments to put on it, so it is still sitting on my desk. But as soon as I get it done I definitely want to post the pic for comments/constructive criticism! hehee

In addition
I will be back with pics from the rest of our vacation down at Dads!

Have a great week!!! ;O)


linda said...

Menu sounds yummy. welcome to the Menu plan Monday club. Love the necklaces that you made.

Amie said...

GASP! You made them????? You know those go for upwards of $75 online nowadays?! It's crazy?

ok menu:

Monday: french toast and sausage (yes, breakfast, my kids love breakfast for dinner
Tuesday: hotdogs and chips (birthday dinner)
Wednesday: frozen pizza (I know this menu sounds really unhealthy, but Dan works Wednesday and I don't cook Wednesday)
Thursday: ham, mashed potatoes, and green beans
Friday: burgers for me and the kids, steak for Dan and Cameron. (cuz blech, steak, I hate it)
Saturday: pancakes (Dan's back at work that day and pancakes are el cheapo and muy easy)
Sunday: taco soup in the crockpot so it can smell yummy all the live long day.

The end. :)

Jenny B in Indy said...

Very pretty!