Monday, June 30, 2008

My Brother~

Thought Id write about my brother... Im starting to think that he is like my best friend in the world. I actually have 2 brothers.. and they are both pretty much close to me... but my baby brother Daniel just KNOWS me! The other day I called him and just confessed my soul and he listened, gave me the advice that of course I already knew... and loved me... loved me unconditionally the way brothers and best friends are supposed to. He hasnt had an easy life, but he knows about life and he knows the differences between right and wrong and how to get me to see the different sides of it even if I am a woman, one with a stubborn head at that. He made me feel better... he made me realize that all the years I spent wasted worrying over him being a danger to me were really unfounded worries that I regret now. He wouldnt hurt a fly.. and especially not me. He means well and works hard. He loves hard too. I just wanted to pay a little tribute to my brother... my best friend.... and even if he doesnt read this its my lil shout to him.. Love ya bro! ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame~

So this past weekend we went to the Cards game against Philadelphia... we won! ... and we sweated and had 7ups and twizzlers and peanuts... and tons of fun! This was Hunters very first MLB game and he loved everything about it but being in the bleachers.. hahaa. It was sooo flippin' hot! The weather was actually nice, but we were just in the sun the entire time.. from batting practice til the 9th inning! Hunter and I got up one time and headed to the bathrooms and shade to cool off. I got him a squashed penny with the Cards logo on it, and its placed on a necklace like thing. He was and is so proud of it. I was so very happy to not only have Hunter there, but Justice and Preston came along and Todds sister, niece and brother-in-law came too. Great weekend.
Now onto other things.. a grueling schedule!!! I dont know about this 2 job thing.. but Im going to give it a 110% til I drop or something... hahaaa. Have a great summer everyone! :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Who I am Makes a Difference~

Uncle Greg, who is actually Todds Uncle sent me this in an email... a very touching story. I decided to challenge the girls at Crazy 8's to make a card using this sketch by Valerie Stangle and make this card for a child or loved one that they wanted to tell that they indeed make a difference.
I made this card for Justice last night... and let me just say... it was tougher than I had imagined {the sketch that is}... but I think it looks pretty cool. I hope maybe you are inspired today to do something of the same magnitude for someone who makes a difference to you..... Im sure they'll appreciate it!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Family and other items of importance~

This is the layout I did for the May contest. Im not real happy with it, as it didnt turn out near what I imagined. I challenged the girls to do their best interpretation of Valerie Salmons sketch as well as using the word Family and depicting a family vacation memory as inspiration, and they really rocked it! I then had Tammy Kay come in and be the guest judge. Ive always admired her work and was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed with her willingness to do a very difficult job judging and taking time out of her busy schedule to help out! Cat has posted the new challenge for the month and whoa is it ever a challenge, thankfully I have some cool ideas swirling around in my head!!!
Other items...
Today was procedure day. I had what they call a Her Option
My Doc was fantastic and had told me it would be a piece of cake, but believe you me I was scared as scared can be. As back in April I had a uterine biopsy and LORDAY did that ever hurt. Well, Doc was right, today was pretty much a piece of cake... although the recovery at home since has been anything but wonderful. Just really crampy and yucky feeling in general. Sitting up is the absolute worst. Todd went with me and we decided before the procedure that if it got too painful that I would hollar out *Sweet Jesus* and that was the code word for him to get his buns over to me and hold my hand. Luckily, I never had to utter those words! Hallaluha!!! Tonight he went and got me a wonderful iced coffee and I will take the day off tomorrow to finish hopefully being cranky and crampy. ehhee. The doc says a good 2 weeks and I should feel like a NEW woman. Go Ang!!!
Other EXCITING news...
Im the newest customer service/instructor employee for one of my all time favorite haunts EVER!!!! Im sooo flipping excited!!! I have so much to learn and so much admiration for the other girls and my Manager! As soon as Im healed up I will be on the schedule working part-time, probably a few nights a week and weekends. Until then I have a bunch of research to do about the company and different things. The other thing about this new lil job of mine is that it will afford me the opportunity to learn, make extra money and hopefully-eventually move into a position to where I could possibly leave my full time day job and move up in a premiere company doing what I LOVE!!!