Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry, Merry~

To all of my family and friends... and anyone who is just passing by this blog... Have a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful New 2008. Ive been blessed for sure... and pray for blessings to all of you as well...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let is Snow~

This is our place about 10pm tonight.. Im sooo happy!!! This morning we awoke to about 2 inches of snow and then it layed off until about 4pm... then it started in snowing again. Its beautiful!!! This afternoon after we returned from getting groceries, Hunter, Justice, Todd, my neice and brother in law and I all went sledding in the back yard... we have a pretty good size hill. It was hilarious! Hunter was so excited, it was his first time... He just kept saying... That was fun! Lets do it again!!... I even made the trek up the hill TWICE and down TWICE hahaa.. on my BUTT... hahahaa it was better that way believe me... I felt way more in control! I think I got snow burn though hahahaa... My buns hurt something fierce tonight. hahaaa I havent sledded since I was 8 I think. Todd said it was really nice to see me having fun. I needed that too. Oh yeah he went down a couple times.. all Jim-my brother in law saw was lots of crack.. my poor hubby hahaa. Anyway... cheers to snow! Im loving it! ;)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jadyn the Princess~

This is a recent out of the box type layout I did as a contest challenge for Crazy 8's. The challenge to use a round page map from Page/Maps. It also had to be either girlie or boyish. So what better lil girlie subject that my neices lil girl Jadyn. She was up the day after Thanksgiving and gave me tons of great lil poses as I snapped away. She sure is a natural dont ya think? hehee. I was also shocked that I actually figured out how to alter the photo in PSP to look pink and white rather than black and white.{Cant remember now of course haha} but anyway, I thought it just looked cute. It was also the first time Id ever used ghost letters by Heidi Swapp..{Again, I know Im terribly behind times!}...and what lil chicky doesnt need tiaras on the layout? hehee.. I love it... but wouldnt ya know I havent gotten ONE vote. LMAO.. ahhh well, it just goes to prove that everyone has different styles and notions and that ultimately we are scrapping for ourselves right?