Friday, May 27, 2005

Some Gave All~

Im writing this story in RED today in memory of all the soldiers that have served our country in loo of the upcoming US holiday, Memorial Day.

I didnt really know what to write, as my so-called *creative juices* havent been flowing as of late.. I guess when your mind is filled with nonsense its kind of hard. None the less I am here writing to those faithful enough to check in on me and read what babbles out of my head and into my text...

When I was in school I had gotten so upset at my history teacher...She would teach us always of the ways in Europe, Russia and Greece... I wanted to know about AMERICA!!! ... I wanted to know about the wars, WW1 and WW2 and the Vietnam and Korean wars. I was told by the teacher it was important to learn world history and that as I got older Id learn about those things I had wished on. Bullshit I thought.... its pretty sad that I had to learn about those wars from movies like Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor and Apocalypse Now and the tv show M.A.S.H. anyway.... enough rambling.

Id like to take this opportunity to thank those who have served our country so proudly...putting your life on the line for MY freedom! I pray daily that the war ends soon and that our soldiers are home safe. I pray for your families and that when back home that your future mind will be at ease knowing that your country supported you.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well arent I just the MIA doll??? ... Sometimes I wonder why I write in this blog, does anyone read it? Does anyone really care?? one comments, so what am I to think... ;)
Tonight Im thinking of that song Nothing Else Matters~Metallica... gosh I love them... I remember the first time I picked up their album~yes album!!! it was vinyl hahaa.. and I thought to myself, these dudes look seriously disturbed. HAHA...
well well well sooo much time has passed and I have grown up too, and now I know the rest of the story.... We are ALL seriously disturbed....laffz...But isnt it nice to have the right to speak our minds, to free our minds from the fog that looms in the recess of our brains? Lately I have been questioned on some of my beliefs. Ive had to really sit down and think about things, how I word my thoughts when either speaking my feelings or writing them down. It takes some soul searching...but I have found its really good for me, it keeps my mind exercised and when I communicate my feelings and thoughts and get respect for those things Ive expressed.....well it is the most wonderful feeling!! I can now look back at these challenges not as attacks but as an outlet to the inner ME! :)

Friday, May 13, 2005

You Said~

I wanted to be special
and I liked it I know.
I really must of liked it,
because you told me so

I know you really loved me,
because you said that too.
and cause youre my dad
I guess it must be true

You said Im a big girl now
you said I mustnt cry.
So even though it hurt me,
I promised I would try.

You said that I enjoyed it.
You told me not to tell.
An adult always knows best.
My mother taught me well.

But can I ask one question?
and please do not get mad.
If its meant to be like this,
Why do I feel so bad?

written by D.G. June 04~edited by Me to fit My situation~Thank you smiley!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hearts Play~

The heart was played again tonight
a song so sads no words were bright
lyrics and rhythms offbeat, out of rhyme

The heart was played again tonight
no harmony, no dueling banjo fight
notes and lines, its only a matter of time

Her heart was played again tonight
tears crashing down her cheek and gown
a man she adored just disappeared

Her heart was played again tonight
voiceless memories often reappear
and all she feels is the same lonely fear

His heart was played again tonight
scared and running is all he wants
to escape the mind of its whispering thoughts

His heart was played again tonight
the heat came rushing uncontrolled
too much for him to fight and so he chose flight

Sadly though...

Again tomorrow the heart will play
and here we'll be, again in the game
unknowing, willing and yet innocent to it
God only knows... the heart will be played again tonight...

editors note: Written by me 2002~

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Chris Gaines~

This weekend I dug out this old cd Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines... I absolutely love it. I wish that there wasnt such a big deal made about it when it came out. I think if people were true fans of Garth Brooks they wouldve bought the cd and not complained one bit. It shows his range and talent. Almost every song takes me back to when I first got a computer. I listened to the cd over and over as I explored the internet.... and in my exploration I met a fella from Austria, his name was Christian... A very handsome and intelligent younger man. He taught me a lot about his culture and we became good friends via the net. It seemed everytime that we spoke through messenger Id be listening to this cd as well. We wrote each other via US mail too and even spoke several times on the phone., but as time passed and life changed... I lost track of Christian in the past few years. Then about 2 months ago he contacted me and told me that he had a baby boy...still wasnt married {shame, good catch there!}, that he wondered about me often and how I was... I told him the news of my baby boy as well...I still miss him...and will always wish him well....
Back to the cd.... Its no wonder as I sit here listening to this cd that I think about how awesome of a talent Garth Brooks is and how sad and yet happy for him that he has since retired...,I also think of Christian, the internet and raise my glass of wine to all of you! ....Great cd, great memories...