Thursday, September 22, 2011

1st day of Fall~

and I have failed miserably at keeping everyone up to date on my blog. I promise though in the coming weeks I am going to post photos from the summer and get you all caught up in the life and times of ..... *drum roll please*.... A-N-G-I !!!! woot woot ;O)

In the meantime enjoy the weather and have a great weekend. Im heading back home to spend the weekend with an old highschool friend... and btw... its a boy :O~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect~

A couple of evenings ago, I stepped out on the deck to go get the mail and saw this beautiful creature taking a little break. I ran back in, got my camera and snapped this photo. The colors so pretty!!! I hurried to the mailbox thinking that some folks think that God sends us our passed loved ones in forms of beautiful butterflies or dragonflies.. but I didnt have that overwhelming feeling.. I felt something different.. but didnt realize until I got back to the deck and took the close up photo below.

Upon closer inspection of this pretty blue and turquoise butterfly I noticed that his wings had been damaged. And then it hit me.......... and it hit me hard. I am damaged... I may not look like it on first glance.. but when you get up close you may be able to see or feel the damage.. That not only I have damage... we all do. And its ok. Its really ok. We are all damaged in some way.. we are not all perfect... but dammit.. we survive and we are beautiful. It was just what I needed especially with all the pressures of late of trying to be the perfect mother, friend, worker and person. I needed this. And I hope sharing it with you will help you understand me better. I feel that I am indeed Perfectly Imperfect and its all going to be OK! :O)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I want to love you...

Good song.. great band...

Thought Id take out a few minutes to say hey and whats up?
Things are going along... Im hating my job, but thanking the man above that I still have one all at the same time.

Personally.. Im still seeing Mike, keeping it slow and steady. I think perhaps I am not ready for any commitment. He is sweet, but comes with a full suitcase of baggage, and well.. Im not really into that right now. Save that drama for your Mama you know what I mean? LOL

Hows your summer? Hope its good!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello Im strange!

Well kinda.. but mostly just MIA... I know you are just DYING to know what Ive been up to?!!?

I havent been doing much really except surviving and living and working and sleeping...... andddd dating the cutest man alive! ;)

This past weekend Mike {my SuperMEX} I call him and I went to Branson, MO to see my Mom and her husband and hang out. We had a great time.. altho it went really fast! I got to see my Mom happier than ever and really TALK with her. We laughed and had a great time and they really liked Mike a lot. Means a lot to me that they do.. makes everything better!

Summer just seems to be just that altho Im looking forward to jumping in the pool during my vacation in July! Im going to take the boys back home to Dads I think and spend the weekend swimming and fishing.. and eating bbq! hehee Also looking forward to visiting my Savana and JR! and my brother Daniel! Not to mention Preston and Ciera!!!

Other than that Ive been just keeping busy with Jack my wonderful dog.. he is such a joy in my life!, Kitty.. a pain in my butt... and the boys this summer trying to spend as much time as possible with them. As a matter of fact Hunter is going to come to work with me 2 times a week starting next week.. through out his summer vacation. Saves on daycare which is outrageous and he is a pretty good little helper!

OH my computer at home is down.. dont know whats wrong with it.. maybe blew up? I dont know but it makes me sad! I had a bunch of bookmarks and pictures left to print... hopefully I have a bunch of copies on my facebook account that I can print. I dont think I even want a home computer anymore.. I never seem to use it. Not with the new cell phone and having the one at work. I dont know.. still thinking about it though.

Here are some pics from the weekend at Branson!

Me and my Momma... she is my Mini-Me heheee :O)

Me and Mike aka SuperMEX ;O)

also.. pic of Hunter losing two teeth during the first 2 weeks of summer vacation! ;)

Hope you are having a great summer! :O)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gone to the dogs~

Never thought Id be making a "dog" altered project.. but.. lookie here! hehee. I had been saving this coffee container to alter... and low and behold one day it came to me... Make a treat jar for Jack... So that is exactly what I did.. it took me about 10 minutes.. I just cut, distressed and glued the paper on, added some stickers and violaaa. Its perfect for his lil snacks Ive been using to train him to go into his "house" before I leave for work in the morning!

Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staggered visit and Jack!

Hello blog world! So.. in the past couple weeks a new man has came into my life... Jack. He is a rescued teacup Yorkie. He is the sweetest thing in the world and I think he and I were made to be together! Hunter and Justice just love him to bits too. He is a welcomed addition to our little family... even if I do have to get up and take him out at 5am every day :) heheee

As you can see he is right at home in the car and on Hunters lap. These pics were taken on our way to pick up Hunter from Preston and Cierra. We had to wait for them at Bass Pro and Jack was anxious to see his new boys! :)

After Preston and Cierra met and Justice got in with me.. these two lovey birds went to Six Flags. I felt horrible for them because it rained the entire day! Even though it was miserable they said they had a great time. This makes Momma happy. Later that evening Justice and I met Preston/Cierra over in St. Louis at Noodles & Company... and let me just say... it was AWESOME!

Preston, Cierra and I all had the Whole Wheat linguine with mushrooms, onions, brocolli, peppers, wine sauce, cream and parm cheese along with a parm crusted chicken breast... this was KILLER! :)

Justice had the Wisconsin Mac n Cheese with grilled shrimp. And as you can tell.. he enjoyed every little bit of it! :)

It was a great weekend... next up... stuff stuff! ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

To date or not to date???

Well hello blog world.. how are you?
Instead of sitting around complaining that I am bored with nothing to do, I thought Id take a look at your blogs and try to get back into reading and commenting again. Ive missed you!

So whats up with me you ask... well lets see... a whole lot and yet not a lot. Lately I have been working as usual and just coming home and trying to relax. I have went on a couple of dates... 3 to be exact.. the first two.. HORRIBLE.. the last good. And Ive went out twice more with him, lucky for me it is totally a friendship kind of thing and we both have the same expectations which makes it nice when you are new out of relationships. We have a lot in common. I do have plans for a couple other dates and have canceled a couple lately because I just wasnt feeling well or not "feeling it". Im not sure that this is what I should be doing at all right now. I do know however that I feel lonely. And I dont like that feeling one bit. Whatever will be will be right? We will just relax and see what happens.

In family news.. The boys and I have went to several new movies lately. The 2nd Diary of a Wimpy Kid and then Hunter and I went to see Rio. I would highly recommend both of them. I enjoyed them very much! I cant wait for warmer weather, nicer weather to hit the drive-in with them. They are so excited about that. Me too ;) its been a LONG time!

Kitty moved in with me this week.. she is finally getting used to where everything is... ahaha and Im so happy.. she was jumping on my head in the middle of the night.. gah!

Have a great weekend.. Here are a few new pics! ps: I dyed my hair "black cherry" I love it!!! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ahhh the country!

This weekend was good in spite of Hunter and I both being sicker than a dog! It was good to see Dad.. we visited a lot. I hate seeing him grow older and weaker.. and with him he knows and realizes it and I think it depresses him. I always try to give him little tasks to keep him piddling some. :)

I was able to finally get a picture of Preston and his new girlfriend Ciera. They've been dating several months and actually live together now. She is a cutie, and very quiet. A very responsible girl for her age! We went to their apartment Saturday and had a pizza party.. the boys adore their big brother and Ciera.. as a matter of fact Justice has spent several nites over there. It makes me feel good since I cant be there for Justice as much as Id like.

Preston and Ciera

My brother Daniel brought his family out to Dads and we flew kites and played ball outside until it started raining. We then had dinner. Little niece Savana told me she wanted to go home with me! hehe She was so cute, she told me she is excited about her birthday coming up this next weekend. She will be the big 4!!! We got along famously! She even shared her "makeup" with me. heheee Wish I would have had a better camera.. I just adore her blonde curls!!!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

All or Nothing!

Headed out to my Dads for a visit with him and the boys... its good to be surrounded by everyone.. wish I had a camera!!! hehee
Ive been pretty down, so this is a welcome change. More to come next week.
Enjoy your weekend! :O)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Ink!

Yup.. this past weekend my son Preston and his girlfriend Ciera came up to hang out with me.. They came right in and said heyyy lets go get tattoos! I was down with that for sure! hehee. So we hung out, went to dinner and took off and got our tats. Preston got his last name tattooed down the back of his arm and Ciera got a beautiful butterfly on her foot... and here is mine below.

Its a devil kitty..... kinda like me... MeOwwww ;O)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guess who's single???

YES!!!! Justin Timberlake.... HE WILL BE MINE... OH YES.. HE WILL!!! ;o)
Have a good Saturday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Get OUT!

Hey world whats up???....

How bout the world news right now???.. Get OUT its horrible.. the earth is falling apart at the seams!!!
Firstly.. Hawaii. My brother and his wife are still there.. as a matter of fact they were to do helicopter tours this week before they were scheduled to head back to the mainland. They are being transferred to Texas and was finishing up their time in Hawaii. I spoke to him this morning and they were safe on the 28th floor of their hotel and he said it looked like low lying flooding was all that was going to come of this tsunami. I hope and pray for their sake that all is ok and will be until their departure to the mainland!

So has spring sprung in your neighborhood yet? Not really around here, but I did notice that the finches are starting to come back and it just seems like everything is so alive right now. Hunter told me the other day that he was sure that March was coming in like a lion but would go out like a lamb.. I said I sure hope so buddy! hehee

It sure has been windy around here too. We went to the park last Sunday and there were some folks flying kites... they let Hunter and Justice take turns and they loved it. Especially Hunter! I bought him a new kite this week. He was very offended that I gave it to him on a rainy day.. he said Mom! Really? ... who gives a kid a kite on a rainy day!!!! hahahaa. Ooops.. I had to tell him it wont always be rainy! hehee

So.. Im all moved in.. just have a mess of scrapbooking junk dropped in my living room and kitchen that needs to be organized and put away. Im kinda waiting until I can hook up my pc.. and the hold up with that is that I had to order a new monitor and Im waiting for its arrival.

All of this and my friend Cat came in with her husband Don for a very short and GREAT visit this past Monday. I cant wait to post pics from the visit. This weekend in the St. Pattys parade in St. Louis... Preston and his girlfriend Ciera are coming up to join me. I plan to let loose and have some much needed fun!

Hope you have a great weekend. :O)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello World!

Hey there... hows it going???... I have been soooo busy..!!! Moving... all settled for the most part, just need to start sprucing up, then I will get my scrapbooking stuff and where to put it? oyyy I just dont know. And wouldnt you know that during all of this.. not only 1 but both of my cameras and my cell all couldnt take photos... YIPES!!!

Anyway, thanks to a great friend and wonderful person... I have my cell back and snapped and got to edit/play with a shot of me... the NEW me this morning.. thought Id share and let you all know Im still here, Im still alive and Im GOOD.. real good. Everything is going to be good!

ps: Can you see the piercing? Its still not healed.. ouchie!!!
I hope to visit your blogs soon and catch up!!! Once I get net service at home again. Woot!
Have an awesome weekend my friends!!! :O)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I feel like someone has been playing with me! hahahaaa

at least I still have a big heart! ;O)

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Today was different. First off Im sick again! Can you believe it?? Its like the 4th time Ive been seriously sick like this since Thanksgiving! I think if Im still not better by Monday Im heading to the doctor for sure. Right now Im thinking I have pneumonia as it hurts to breathe and Im coughing up blood. Gah!

Second.. got my nails done.. I so love getting my nails done.. what a special little treat. Makes me feel so girly and together. I got a light purple. I wanted light pink w/white tips but I have fungus on 3 of my fingernails so it isnt pretty. Yeah I know.. maybe I should give it a rest, but I just cant! haaa..

Third on the list for today... Hair dye! I got a new color called Intense Dark Red. Im anxious to see what it turns out. It looks red at this point but I still have about 20 minutes... Yikes!!!

Fourth.. today I got a Marilyn Monroe piercing!!! Ive always wanted one.. and today just decided to take the plunge! It turned out super cute, didnt hurt at all. I cant wait to wear a little jewel in there. heheee :)

Fifth... sorry no pictures.. I cant figure out how to work my stinking cell phone to get more pics on it. grrr. LOL

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.. stay warm.. we had 3 inches of snow this morning.. wasnt expecting that but it was a nice fluffy snow .. so pretty!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hello .. anyone out there?

Hello from ice covered nation here... Im at work today and its snowing..
We have about an inch of ice on the ground.. but not the amount of snow some of the folks around the midwest have endured.

Btw... if you didnt know.. I bought a new car... and here she is under all the ice Monday night when I left work...
And the ice off the mirror... it was the first time Id ever seen ice actually froze to the tires. While I was scraping the windows my jeans kept sticking to the ground frozen... scary feeling!

A look out the window towards the trees and our drive Tuesday morning.

It was snowing this morning when I came to work. and no one had cleared the roads so I had to park my car over here..

Its cold.. thats for sure! The sun is shining and the snow flakes are swirling like Im all jumbled up in a snow globe.

Things on the home front are moving along. Todd and I have had our moments but try to remain calm and adult like in every way possible. Sometimes its hard for others to believe or understand but until they live with us, they have no idea. Thats all I have to say about that.

...Anyway... this week I should be signing on my new lil place. Im excited to get going and get moved. A whole new adventure Im sure. I wish the insurance wasnt such a big issue.. wears me OUT! hahaa. Will keep you updated on the new place, the snow and all the other things that are taking place in our lil corner of the world. Hope you are staying warm and happy!

Check out this turkey... my brother sends me this photo from Pearl Harbor in Hawaii yesterday.. it was a balmy 81 degrees there.. soooo not fairsy!!! hahahaa ;O)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The jig is up!

So yeah, the jig is up on so many levels. haaa.

First off.. I know my blog posts have been anything but perky as of late. Im not perky. Things here are ughhh. Todd and I are experiencing some major difficulties right now-heading straight for divorce court Im afraid. I dont really want to talk about it right now, but it is what is going on.
Im sad, angry.. he is too.. we are just trying to keep it adult and light and understand each other as much as possible and keep level headed. So many emotions though its crazy!

On other notes.. it snowed.. like a LOT!!! hehee we are at 8 inches and its still snowing!!!
Yesterday was Justices 11th birthday and today is Hunters 6th birthday.. Cant believe my babys are growing up soooo fast!!! We had Hunters party this past weekend and will have Justices this weekend if weather permits me to be able to go get him! I will be posting pics very soon from those.. in the meantime...

Here is me at the office this morning.I look like such a dork! hahahaaa.. but yeah. heheee :)
Have a great day and be safe if you are out and have snow! Also keep praying for me/us.. I/we could use it!!! Thank you in advance!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sums up my life right now... will return upon being settled... pray for peace in my heart and happiness for my soul. Thank you...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only God Knows Why...

I've been sittin here
Tryin to find myself
I get behind myself
I need to rewind myself
Lookin for the payback
Listen for the playback
They say that every man bleeds just like me
And I feel like number one
Yet I'm last in line
I watch my youngest son
And it helps to pass the time
I take too many pills it helps to ease the pain
I made a couple of dollar bills, but still I feel the same
Everybody knows my name
They say it way out loud
A lot of folks fuck with me
It's hard to hang out in crowds
I guess that's the price you pay
To be some big shot like I am
Out strecthed hands and one night stands
Still I can't find love

And when your walls come tumbling down
I will always be around

As it...hey

And when your walls come tumbling down
I will always be around

People don't know about the things I say and do
They don't understand about the shit that I've been through
It's been so long since I've been home
I've been gone, I've been gone for way too long
Maybe I forgot all things I miss
Oh somehow I know there's more to life than this
I said it too many times
And I still stand firm
You get what you put in
And people get what they deserve
Still I ain't seen mine
No I ain't seen mine
I've been giving just ain't been gettin
I've been walking that there line
So I think I'll keep a walking
With my head held high
I'll keep moving on and only God knows why

Only God
Only God
Only God knows why, why, why, why
Only God...knows...why, why, why
Only God knows why
Take me to the river edge
Take me to the river, hey hey hey

It may take a while for me to find myself.. but Im going to keep moving on.. just like Kid Rock says in this song!