Saturday, February 05, 2011


Today was different. First off Im sick again! Can you believe it?? Its like the 4th time Ive been seriously sick like this since Thanksgiving! I think if Im still not better by Monday Im heading to the doctor for sure. Right now Im thinking I have pneumonia as it hurts to breathe and Im coughing up blood. Gah!

Second.. got my nails done.. I so love getting my nails done.. what a special little treat. Makes me feel so girly and together. I got a light purple. I wanted light pink w/white tips but I have fungus on 3 of my fingernails so it isnt pretty. Yeah I know.. maybe I should give it a rest, but I just cant! haaa..

Third on the list for today... Hair dye! I got a new color called Intense Dark Red. Im anxious to see what it turns out. It looks red at this point but I still have about 20 minutes... Yikes!!!

Fourth.. today I got a Marilyn Monroe piercing!!! Ive always wanted one.. and today just decided to take the plunge! It turned out super cute, didnt hurt at all. I cant wait to wear a little jewel in there. heheee :)

Fifth... sorry no pictures.. I cant figure out how to work my stinking cell phone to get more pics on it. grrr. LOL

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.. stay warm.. we had 3 inches of snow this morning.. wasnt expecting that but it was a nice fluffy snow .. so pretty!


Amie said...

hair, nails, and jewelry (I was waiting for the tattoo announcement next, lol!) bet you feel like a million bucks! Well...except for the blood thing. That's called hemoptysis...definitely get that looked into!!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Good luck with your move, Girlie!