Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello World!

Hey there... hows it going???... I have been soooo busy..!!! Moving... all settled for the most part, just need to start sprucing up, then I will get my scrapbooking stuff and where to put it? oyyy I just dont know. And wouldnt you know that during all of this.. not only 1 but both of my cameras and my cell all couldnt take photos... YIPES!!!

Anyway, thanks to a great friend and wonderful person... I have my cell back and snapped and got to edit/play with a shot of me... the NEW me this morning.. thought Id share and let you all know Im still here, Im still alive and Im GOOD.. real good. Everything is going to be good!

ps: Can you see the piercing? Its still not healed.. ouchie!!!
I hope to visit your blogs soon and catch up!!! Once I get net service at home again. Woot!
Have an awesome weekend my friends!!! :O)


Jenn K said...

So HAPPY to hear you are doing GOOD!! YAY! Keep on Keeping on...:)

Amie said...

You look so perdy! Glad you're feeling good. Onward, right?!

~ Rada Rhythm and Rhyme~ said...

Love your's cute! Glad to see you doing so well:)