Saturday, December 30, 2006

Life Changing Goals~

To put it simply... My goals for 2007 are as follows~

1} Be able to walk to the mailbox without getting out of breath.
2} Walk up the steps of the deck without pain.
3} Be motivated to live a better life.
4} Improve my love life with my husband and renew ourselves as a couple.
5} Walk with my head up, forgive and let go of the past, believe in myself that Im a good mom, a wonderful wife and sweet friend.... not be afraid of failure, bottom line... be myself.


When asked during a blog challenge what I would do to help someone in need, Ive not really put much thought into it. Heres why~ Ive always been very organized and a very emotional person. So in my mind the very first thing Id do to help someone was to find out all the ins and outs of their situation, their problems. Then Id list the ways I thought I could help them, whether its mental or physical or in whatever way the issue needs resolution. Id stick by that person to the very end to make sure that they found what they needed to complete their circle. The bad thing about helping folks is that they truely have to be receptive in order for any of the above to help.. When they are to that point most folks have already given up on them. God bless those that forge onward. Id like to think that Im one of those that are forging onward. But in all honesty Im not really sure that I am. Makes me sad. Lots of folks out there need help. And some dont even know it... ;(