Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good morning beautiful...

Goodmorning fellow bloggers and blog readers!

Im feeling better... or Ive gotten used to the fact that Im sick.. either or.. it is definitely a beautiful morning. 
The trees are shedding their colorful leaves.. the deer were jumping and running this morning..fantastic sunrise.  and you know what?  Im  happy.  Sincerely happy!

So.. I guess real soon I will be starting my new job.  Im excited.  It definitely went through.  Im excited mostly because... get this.. my own office!!! hahaha.. I know its a small thing.. but come on, everyone needs their own space right?  Its very small. But I cant wait to make it warm and cozy just like me! haha
Im not going to lie, Im still nervous about some of the stressors but my boss is really cool and she said just be laid back and let things roll.  I think Im more OCD than that.. but ok, I will give it a whirl!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  I am.. Im hungry for stuffing.  And most anything turkey related.  The boys said they really dont care what we have and Russ said he was thinking pizza party... But what about the left overs?? Arent Thanksgiving left overs the bomb? 

I was just thinking about the Thanksgivings that I was really alone.. there were two, maybe three that I felt so alone and my best friend invited me to her house or to her Aunt Dorothys.. it sure did mean a lot!  I remember we used to also go to Kansas City to the JC Penney outlet and shop the sales for Christmas... treasured memories for sure!  Im so Thankful for her.. for sharing. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chicken Soup kinda day..

Well hello there blogger world.  Today is a chicken soup.. noodle.. or as I prefer dumpling day. 


Im trying to shake a cold Ive had now for two weeks.  Yesterday I broke down and went home from work early.. it didnt do me a dang bit of good either.  Today I am back at work, still miserable.. only today I have a new symptom to accompany my other ailments.. a dandy throbber of a headache!  THE NERVE!!  ahh!

So, anyway... here is a link to the Pioneer Womans Chicken and Dumplins.. I think she takes the long drawn out approach in making them but dang it looks delish!  {Will insert later, my pc at work wont let me do it for some odd reason}

Anyway.. in other news.. I have been offered a different position within the hospital I work for in the case that the girl who is in the position now leaves to take a position elsewhere.  And there is a dang good chance she is going for it.  This position would change my hours significantly, but put me into a better position to move up the ladder so to speak.  I am not sure I want to do that.  Im not sure I want more responsibility.  Not now.. Im too old.  LOL  But then again, maybe this old brain needs a challange.  I want to do it.  I want to organize it and make it run more efficiently.  I need to do something that makes me feel better about me and what Im doing.. I need to know that I am making a difference somehow, someway.  For the past year I have felt like such a failure.. since moving I havent been able to afford to pay for rent or utilities.. thankfully my Dad is helping me with those things.  I dont know what Id do without him.  This position wouldnt be more money.. I dont think.. but it may make me feel a bit "better"..... and....
I think I just answered my own question...

I think its time to explore. 

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saturday up in here!~

My Three Sons

So its Saturday... I woke up in a great mood.. went to breakfast and a volley game and then stopped by Preston and Cieras to do some computer work.  I hate not having a computer.. but Ciera is gracious enough to let me use hers... :)

I watched the Roseanne Roast and uploaded a bunch of photos to get in on Walgreens free 8x10 collage deal today.  I got those photos ordered and the ones that I want to put in with the Christmas cards I send out.  Last year I did the photo cards... but you see..... Im addicted to Christmas cards!!!  I have like 10 boxes and decided that I really need to use them this year!

Speaking of addictions..it would see Im also addicted to Christmas ornaments for my tree.  Ive always wanted a huge tree with cabin/farm house charm and finally got it.. now I cant get enough.  So I was wondering... do you have an addiction like this?  An unusual want for something more than just a collection to sit out all the times?  Like pens?, Sharpies?, boas?, Jewelry, Scarves?

Im interested in our quirks!

As I close for now, please enjoy the new fall photos of my family I took this past month and the one of my oh so handsome and growing too fast boys!!! 

Preston-23, Justice-12 and Hunter-7

More later...Have a great weekend!