Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Good morning beautiful...

Goodmorning fellow bloggers and blog readers!

Im feeling better... or Ive gotten used to the fact that Im sick.. either or.. it is definitely a beautiful morning. 
The trees are shedding their colorful leaves.. the deer were jumping and running this morning..fantastic sunrise.  and you know what?  Im  happy.  Sincerely happy!

So.. I guess real soon I will be starting my new job.  Im excited.  It definitely went through.  Im excited mostly because... get this.. my own office!!! hahaha.. I know its a small thing.. but come on, everyone needs their own space right?  Its very small. But I cant wait to make it warm and cozy just like me! haha
Im not going to lie, Im still nervous about some of the stressors but my boss is really cool and she said just be laid back and let things roll.  I think Im more OCD than that.. but ok, I will give it a whirl!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  I am.. Im hungry for stuffing.  And most anything turkey related.  The boys said they really dont care what we have and Russ said he was thinking pizza party... But what about the left overs?? Arent Thanksgiving left overs the bomb? 

I was just thinking about the Thanksgivings that I was really alone.. there were two, maybe three that I felt so alone and my best friend invited me to her house or to her Aunt Dorothys.. it sure did mean a lot!  I remember we used to also go to Kansas City to the JC Penney outlet and shop the sales for Christmas... treasured memories for sure!  Im so Thankful for her.. for sharing. 

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Cheryl said...

Hi Angi. What a wonderful surprise to see your sweet comment on my blog. I really miss you and always enjoy seeing your comments on FB. I feel like I'm still in touch with you that way.

Chuck and I were alone for the first time this Thanksgiving. Our family has all moved away, we lost my parents and life has totally changed. I guess change is the only thing we can count on, isn't it? We went out to dinner - just the two of us and had Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. There were lots of people in the restaurant.

Good luck with your new job and with your new love (saw that on FB, too).

Love ya,