Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello World!

Hey there... hows it going???... I have been soooo busy..!!! Moving... all settled for the most part, just need to start sprucing up, then I will get my scrapbooking stuff and where to put it? oyyy I just dont know. And wouldnt you know that during all of this.. not only 1 but both of my cameras and my cell all couldnt take photos... YIPES!!!

Anyway, thanks to a great friend and wonderful person... I have my cell back and snapped and got to edit/play with a shot of me... the NEW me this morning.. thought Id share and let you all know Im still here, Im still alive and Im GOOD.. real good. Everything is going to be good!

ps: Can you see the piercing? Its still not healed.. ouchie!!!
I hope to visit your blogs soon and catch up!!! Once I get net service at home again. Woot!
Have an awesome weekend my friends!!! :O)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I feel like someone has been playing with me! hahahaaa

at least I still have a big heart! ;O)

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Today was different. First off Im sick again! Can you believe it?? Its like the 4th time Ive been seriously sick like this since Thanksgiving! I think if Im still not better by Monday Im heading to the doctor for sure. Right now Im thinking I have pneumonia as it hurts to breathe and Im coughing up blood. Gah!

Second.. got my nails done.. I so love getting my nails done.. what a special little treat. Makes me feel so girly and together. I got a light purple. I wanted light pink w/white tips but I have fungus on 3 of my fingernails so it isnt pretty. Yeah I know.. maybe I should give it a rest, but I just cant! haaa..

Third on the list for today... Hair dye! I got a new color called Intense Dark Red. Im anxious to see what it turns out. It looks red at this point but I still have about 20 minutes... Yikes!!!

Fourth.. today I got a Marilyn Monroe piercing!!! Ive always wanted one.. and today just decided to take the plunge! It turned out super cute, didnt hurt at all. I cant wait to wear a little jewel in there. heheee :)

Fifth... sorry no pictures.. I cant figure out how to work my stinking cell phone to get more pics on it. grrr. LOL

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.. stay warm.. we had 3 inches of snow this morning.. wasnt expecting that but it was a nice fluffy snow .. so pretty!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hello .. anyone out there?

Hello from ice covered nation here... Im at work today and its snowing..
We have about an inch of ice on the ground.. but not the amount of snow some of the folks around the midwest have endured.

Btw... if you didnt know.. I bought a new car... and here she is under all the ice Monday night when I left work...
And the ice off the mirror... it was the first time Id ever seen ice actually froze to the tires. While I was scraping the windows my jeans kept sticking to the ground frozen... scary feeling!

A look out the window towards the trees and our drive Tuesday morning.

It was snowing this morning when I came to work. and no one had cleared the roads so I had to park my car over here..

Its cold.. thats for sure! The sun is shining and the snow flakes are swirling like Im all jumbled up in a snow globe.

Things on the home front are moving along. Todd and I have had our moments but try to remain calm and adult like in every way possible. Sometimes its hard for others to believe or understand but until they live with us, they have no idea. Thats all I have to say about that.

...Anyway... this week I should be signing on my new lil place. Im excited to get going and get moved. A whole new adventure Im sure. I wish the insurance wasnt such a big issue.. wears me OUT! hahaa. Will keep you updated on the new place, the snow and all the other things that are taking place in our lil corner of the world. Hope you are staying warm and happy!

Check out this turkey... my brother sends me this photo from Pearl Harbor in Hawaii yesterday.. it was a balmy 81 degrees there.. soooo not fairsy!!! hahahaa ;O)