Monday, March 21, 2011

Ahhh the country!

This weekend was good in spite of Hunter and I both being sicker than a dog! It was good to see Dad.. we visited a lot. I hate seeing him grow older and weaker.. and with him he knows and realizes it and I think it depresses him. I always try to give him little tasks to keep him piddling some. :)

I was able to finally get a picture of Preston and his new girlfriend Ciera. They've been dating several months and actually live together now. She is a cutie, and very quiet. A very responsible girl for her age! We went to their apartment Saturday and had a pizza party.. the boys adore their big brother and Ciera.. as a matter of fact Justice has spent several nites over there. It makes me feel good since I cant be there for Justice as much as Id like.

Preston and Ciera

My brother Daniel brought his family out to Dads and we flew kites and played ball outside until it started raining. We then had dinner. Little niece Savana told me she wanted to go home with me! hehe She was so cute, she told me she is excited about her birthday coming up this next weekend. She will be the big 4!!! We got along famously! She even shared her "makeup" with me. heheee Wish I would have had a better camera.. I just adore her blonde curls!!!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

All or Nothing!

Headed out to my Dads for a visit with him and the boys... its good to be surrounded by everyone.. wish I had a camera!!! hehee
Ive been pretty down, so this is a welcome change. More to come next week.
Enjoy your weekend! :O)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Ink!

Yup.. this past weekend my son Preston and his girlfriend Ciera came up to hang out with me.. They came right in and said heyyy lets go get tattoos! I was down with that for sure! hehee. So we hung out, went to dinner and took off and got our tats. Preston got his last name tattooed down the back of his arm and Ciera got a beautiful butterfly on her foot... and here is mine below.

Its a devil kitty..... kinda like me... MeOwwww ;O)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Guess who's single???

YES!!!! Justin Timberlake.... HE WILL BE MINE... OH YES.. HE WILL!!! ;o)
Have a good Saturday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Get OUT!

Hey world whats up???....

How bout the world news right now???.. Get OUT its horrible.. the earth is falling apart at the seams!!!
Firstly.. Hawaii. My brother and his wife are still there.. as a matter of fact they were to do helicopter tours this week before they were scheduled to head back to the mainland. They are being transferred to Texas and was finishing up their time in Hawaii. I spoke to him this morning and they were safe on the 28th floor of their hotel and he said it looked like low lying flooding was all that was going to come of this tsunami. I hope and pray for their sake that all is ok and will be until their departure to the mainland!

So has spring sprung in your neighborhood yet? Not really around here, but I did notice that the finches are starting to come back and it just seems like everything is so alive right now. Hunter told me the other day that he was sure that March was coming in like a lion but would go out like a lamb.. I said I sure hope so buddy! hehee

It sure has been windy around here too. We went to the park last Sunday and there were some folks flying kites... they let Hunter and Justice take turns and they loved it. Especially Hunter! I bought him a new kite this week. He was very offended that I gave it to him on a rainy day.. he said Mom! Really? ... who gives a kid a kite on a rainy day!!!! hahahaa. Ooops.. I had to tell him it wont always be rainy! hehee

So.. Im all moved in.. just have a mess of scrapbooking junk dropped in my living room and kitchen that needs to be organized and put away. Im kinda waiting until I can hook up my pc.. and the hold up with that is that I had to order a new monitor and Im waiting for its arrival.

All of this and my friend Cat came in with her husband Don for a very short and GREAT visit this past Monday. I cant wait to post pics from the visit. This weekend in the St. Pattys parade in St. Louis... Preston and his girlfriend Ciera are coming up to join me. I plan to let loose and have some much needed fun!

Hope you have a great weekend. :O)