Monday, March 21, 2011

Ahhh the country!

This weekend was good in spite of Hunter and I both being sicker than a dog! It was good to see Dad.. we visited a lot. I hate seeing him grow older and weaker.. and with him he knows and realizes it and I think it depresses him. I always try to give him little tasks to keep him piddling some. :)

I was able to finally get a picture of Preston and his new girlfriend Ciera. They've been dating several months and actually live together now. She is a cutie, and very quiet. A very responsible girl for her age! We went to their apartment Saturday and had a pizza party.. the boys adore their big brother and Ciera.. as a matter of fact Justice has spent several nites over there. It makes me feel good since I cant be there for Justice as much as Id like.

Preston and Ciera

My brother Daniel brought his family out to Dads and we flew kites and played ball outside until it started raining. We then had dinner. Little niece Savana told me she wanted to go home with me! hehe She was so cute, she told me she is excited about her birthday coming up this next weekend. She will be the big 4!!! We got along famously! She even shared her "makeup" with me. heheee Wish I would have had a better camera.. I just adore her blonde curls!!!!


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Angie said...

Great pic's Ang. Sorry you and Hunter were sick.