Thursday, April 21, 2011

To date or not to date???

Well hello blog world.. how are you?
Instead of sitting around complaining that I am bored with nothing to do, I thought Id take a look at your blogs and try to get back into reading and commenting again. Ive missed you!

So whats up with me you ask... well lets see... a whole lot and yet not a lot. Lately I have been working as usual and just coming home and trying to relax. I have went on a couple of dates... 3 to be exact.. the first two.. HORRIBLE.. the last good. And Ive went out twice more with him, lucky for me it is totally a friendship kind of thing and we both have the same expectations which makes it nice when you are new out of relationships. We have a lot in common. I do have plans for a couple other dates and have canceled a couple lately because I just wasnt feeling well or not "feeling it". Im not sure that this is what I should be doing at all right now. I do know however that I feel lonely. And I dont like that feeling one bit. Whatever will be will be right? We will just relax and see what happens.

In family news.. The boys and I have went to several new movies lately. The 2nd Diary of a Wimpy Kid and then Hunter and I went to see Rio. I would highly recommend both of them. I enjoyed them very much! I cant wait for warmer weather, nicer weather to hit the drive-in with them. They are so excited about that. Me too ;) its been a LONG time!

Kitty moved in with me this week.. she is finally getting used to where everything is... ahaha and Im so happy.. she was jumping on my head in the middle of the night.. gah!

Have a great weekend.. Here are a few new pics! ps: I dyed my hair "black cherry" I love it!!! :)


Amie said...

I want to see both those movies too. I laughed so hard at the first Wimpy Kid movie, I was hoping the second was just as good!

Things are going good it sounds like!

Cat said...

I kept meaning to see the first Wimpy Kid....maybe when the second comes out on dvd we'll do a mini marathon. :)