Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staggered visit and Jack!

Hello blog world! So.. in the past couple weeks a new man has came into my life... Jack. He is a rescued teacup Yorkie. He is the sweetest thing in the world and I think he and I were made to be together! Hunter and Justice just love him to bits too. He is a welcomed addition to our little family... even if I do have to get up and take him out at 5am every day :) heheee

As you can see he is right at home in the car and on Hunters lap. These pics were taken on our way to pick up Hunter from Preston and Cierra. We had to wait for them at Bass Pro and Jack was anxious to see his new boys! :)

After Preston and Cierra met and Justice got in with me.. these two lovey birds went to Six Flags. I felt horrible for them because it rained the entire day! Even though it was miserable they said they had a great time. This makes Momma happy. Later that evening Justice and I met Preston/Cierra over in St. Louis at Noodles & Company... and let me just say... it was AWESOME!

Preston, Cierra and I all had the Whole Wheat linguine with mushrooms, onions, brocolli, peppers, wine sauce, cream and parm cheese along with a parm crusted chicken breast... this was KILLER! :)

Justice had the Wisconsin Mac n Cheese with grilled shrimp. And as you can tell.. he enjoyed every little bit of it! :)

It was a great weekend... next up... stuff stuff! ;)


Amie said...

Awww cute little puppy! And that dish looks super delish!

Be Radiant said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jack! He's too cute!!! And that food looks delicious...we don't have that place where I'm from:( Hope you have a great weekend!

Cat said...

I knew you'd love Noodles! Gah! I want it now!