Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why O Why?~

Why o why do I post blogs you ask? Well.. I started out blogging thinking, well this would be a good way to release some of the creative thoughts swirling around in my head. I love to write and for the most part think its good for us.. no matter who we are. On a deeper level, blogging is like journaling in a diary to me... I try to stay away from the too personal stuff, but in different spots it still comes out. I know that Ive come a long way in my journaling as two years ago it was dark and depressing.. and I guess that probably means Ive evolved over time. As with my scrapbooking Ive took to the notion that blogging is also something that after I pass, my family can look at and read and hopefully understand my thought process. Feelings on different subjects, like self, people, the Earth, friends and family. Hopefully they will understand that Im just striving to be the best I can be, and sometimes even though its rough.. getting through lifes obstacles and bumps just fine....Be it with their help, or not.. or my writing. Its just good therapy!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!!!~

That went by fast... the time between St. Pats and Easter! It has been a whirlwind. Ive felt so overwhelmed with things in general... home projects, work, cleaning, self-preservation... the boys, the upcoming events. Tonight I went and got my nails done and it took a good 2 hours, almost 3.. I just sat there like a zombie. No expression, No thoughts... just in my happy place I guess. Ive been trying to get over a nasty ear infection and boy is that going slow. I still feel pretty yucko from that. Then top that off with another injection in my knee... which hurts like HELL! Hopefully with the springy weather I can pull out of this funk and get my groove on again. :) I got a lot to do and take care of thats for sure!!! Like tomorrow... Easter... what are ya'll doin? Im going with the family over to my sister-in-laws {Melly} and the rest of the family is coming for dinner. We are smoking a turkey and Im making a new cold *baked potato salad*. Im looking forward to it... which is good because earlier this week with all the stress I just wanted to be alone.... bruding I guess. hahaa. Last night I was searching for some cute bunny pics for the forum and came across two of my FAVORITE books as a child. I was sooo delighted!!! I have to say if you have children and you come across these books, buy them!!! Your children will absolutely love them. I have them on order and looking yet for another book I had when I was little, but cannot remember the title at all. Having trouble finding that one. So the search is still on! Anyway, the books are above in the photos... Have a wonderful Easter everyone! ;)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

St.Pattys in the StL~

Omygoshhhhh... Ive always wanted to be a part of the St.Patricks Day Parade downtown St.Louis... and finally this year got to go. I thank the good Lord that the weather held out and we had an awesome day for it!!! I think next year we are going to make this an adult* thing.. there were some rather un/kid-friendly folks around us... so much so that I thought I was going to have to punch about 7 girls... but alas we made it through and we all had a great time. I asked the boys their favorite parts... Justice says the beads and the Irish Dancers... Hunter said the Shriners in their little cars... For me it was all the whacky outfits, sea of green, the shamrocks painted on the streets, the bag pipes, roller girls... and the lawn chair brigade.. hahaa. Lots of fun. And really we timed it perfect and found a great spot for parking! Cant wait til next year!!! ;)
Here is a slide show of the day!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not a Baby~

Not anymore....and I cried... cried like a lil baby.. hahaaa
Hunter finally sat and got his hair cut like a big boy yesterday. He didnt even have to hold my hand. We were praising him and praising him and all the sudden I teared up. I hate when they start growing up.. it just goes so fast and furious.. and I want it to stop so I can enjoy the moments. arghhh. But alas Im happy and he is happy. This morning he told me he looked just like a redneck. laffin. His Daddy got his hair cut too.. real short.. I just LOVE it.. he is soo sexy with it short like that. Reminds me of when we got married. I do love his hair, and he is so particular and vein about it. Its sooo flipping soft! ahhhhh ... I feel my mojo coming back... woot woot! ;)

In other news... Im getting pretty excited about the girls coming down from MN for CKC in April. Im a bit nervous in trying to figure out what to do to keep entertainment rolling.. but hey we'll figure out something, just us together will be hilarious Im sure. I have so many home improvement projects too that Id like to get done before I have company, but it keeps snowing and fouling up my/our plans... grrr haha It will come and if it doesnt oh well, we will be on the run most of the time Im sure.

Other news... My Mom and her Hubby are on their way back home from their wintering* in Arizona.. I cant wait to see the jillion pics they took. They sounded like they had a wonderful time. Im not sure when we will get down there or them here. Maybe sometime in May... Preston graduates on the 16th and Id like to have a lil party for him after we come back home. We'll see though... thats a way off. In the meantime I have to think of a gift... so if you have any suggestions or ideas.. please o please let me know... its so tough!!!

Im off Friday.. woot woot. Maybe we'll see a movie... what a marvel idea!!! Any suggestions there??? hehee.. Have a good week people! ;)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

*The Change* ~ {possibly TMI}

Whats the deal??? Why is it that Im 40 but feel...oh say...90?? I could list a list of ailments that have struck this week and this isnt even hitting on what is REALLY going on. Im in so much pain all over my body I just dont know what to do. From my ear to my thighs..oh wait yeah my calves hurt too... Lucky for me the feet and toes are still going strong. I wish I knew what the underlying problem was... is it the weight??? and why now??? Ive been heavy all my adult life.. is it just now catching up? And what about mentally?.. I thought I was doing I find that Im moody and depressed, yet at the turn of a dime.. Im feeling giddy and happy and optimistic. Is this the change??? Is this what its like? I dont know, but if you would... say a prayer for me, I know its selfish of me to ask... but seriously.. Im TOO young to feel this damn old!!! Thank you!

Good thing Spring is on the way... I think of and look forward to many of the wonderful pleasures it brings. :)