Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!!!~

That went by fast... the time between St. Pats and Easter! It has been a whirlwind. Ive felt so overwhelmed with things in general... home projects, work, cleaning, self-preservation... the boys, the upcoming events. Tonight I went and got my nails done and it took a good 2 hours, almost 3.. I just sat there like a zombie. No expression, No thoughts... just in my happy place I guess. Ive been trying to get over a nasty ear infection and boy is that going slow. I still feel pretty yucko from that. Then top that off with another injection in my knee... which hurts like HELL! Hopefully with the springy weather I can pull out of this funk and get my groove on again. :) I got a lot to do and take care of thats for sure!!! Like tomorrow... Easter... what are ya'll doin? Im going with the family over to my sister-in-laws {Melly} and the rest of the family is coming for dinner. We are smoking a turkey and Im making a new cold *baked potato salad*. Im looking forward to it... which is good because earlier this week with all the stress I just wanted to be alone.... bruding I guess. hahaa. Last night I was searching for some cute bunny pics for the forum and came across two of my FAVORITE books as a child. I was sooo delighted!!! I have to say if you have children and you come across these books, buy them!!! Your children will absolutely love them. I have them on order and looking yet for another book I had when I was little, but cannot remember the title at all. Having trouble finding that one. So the search is still on! Anyway, the books are above in the photos... Have a wonderful Easter everyone! ;)


Blueyecicle said...

VERY cooL!

Cat said...

I wanna know what Baked Potato Salad is! It sounds good!