Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not a Baby~

Not anymore....and I cried... cried like a lil baby.. hahaaa
Hunter finally sat and got his hair cut like a big boy yesterday. He didnt even have to hold my hand. We were praising him and praising him and all the sudden I teared up. I hate when they start growing up.. it just goes so fast and furious.. and I want it to stop so I can enjoy the moments. arghhh. But alas Im happy and he is happy. This morning he told me he looked just like a redneck. laffin. His Daddy got his hair cut too.. real short.. I just LOVE it.. he is soo sexy with it short like that. Reminds me of when we got married. I do love his hair, and he is so particular and vein about it. Its sooo flipping soft! ahhhhh ... I feel my mojo coming back... woot woot! ;)

In other news... Im getting pretty excited about the girls coming down from MN for CKC in April. Im a bit nervous in trying to figure out what to do to keep entertainment rolling.. but hey we'll figure out something, just us together will be hilarious Im sure. I have so many home improvement projects too that Id like to get done before I have company, but it keeps snowing and fouling up my/our plans... grrr haha It will come and if it doesnt oh well, we will be on the run most of the time Im sure.

Other news... My Mom and her Hubby are on their way back home from their wintering* in Arizona.. I cant wait to see the jillion pics they took. They sounded like they had a wonderful time. Im not sure when we will get down there or them here. Maybe sometime in May... Preston graduates on the 16th and Id like to have a lil party for him after we come back home. We'll see though... thats a way off. In the meantime I have to think of a gift... so if you have any suggestions or ideas.. please o please let me know... its so tough!!!

Im off Friday.. woot woot. Maybe we'll see a movie... what a marvel idea!!! Any suggestions there??? hehee.. Have a good week people! ;)


Cat said...

OOh shoot, I can't remember the movie we wanted to see. I know they're out there!

We're barely going to be at your house anyways...don't worry about it!

We ARE going to be hillarious! It's going to rock!

Awww, and yes, Hunter is a big boy! What a cutie!

Must be blogging day...I blogged, too.

beckster said...

hunter is such a good kid! i cant wait to get there and see in person how much he has changed in the last year.

and yes, we will have plenty of fun even if we just sit on our asses the entire weekend!!!!