Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chicken Soup kinda day..

Well hello there blogger world.  Today is a chicken soup.. noodle.. or as I prefer dumpling day. 


Im trying to shake a cold Ive had now for two weeks.  Yesterday I broke down and went home from work early.. it didnt do me a dang bit of good either.  Today I am back at work, still miserable.. only today I have a new symptom to accompany my other ailments.. a dandy throbber of a headache!  THE NERVE!!  ahh!

So, anyway... here is a link to the Pioneer Womans Chicken and Dumplins.. I think she takes the long drawn out approach in making them but dang it looks delish!  {Will insert later, my pc at work wont let me do it for some odd reason}

Anyway.. in other news.. I have been offered a different position within the hospital I work for in the case that the girl who is in the position now leaves to take a position elsewhere.  And there is a dang good chance she is going for it.  This position would change my hours significantly, but put me into a better position to move up the ladder so to speak.  I am not sure I want to do that.  Im not sure I want more responsibility.  Not now.. Im too old.  LOL  But then again, maybe this old brain needs a challange.  I want to do it.  I want to organize it and make it run more efficiently.  I need to do something that makes me feel better about me and what Im doing.. I need to know that I am making a difference somehow, someway.  For the past year I have felt like such a failure.. since moving I havent been able to afford to pay for rent or utilities.. thankfully my Dad is helping me with those things.  I dont know what Id do without him.  This position wouldnt be more money.. I dont think.. but it may make me feel a bit "better"..... and....
I think I just answered my own question...

I think its time to explore.