Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect~

A couple of evenings ago, I stepped out on the deck to go get the mail and saw this beautiful creature taking a little break. I ran back in, got my camera and snapped this photo. The colors so pretty!!! I hurried to the mailbox thinking that some folks think that God sends us our passed loved ones in forms of beautiful butterflies or dragonflies.. but I didnt have that overwhelming feeling.. I felt something different.. but didnt realize until I got back to the deck and took the close up photo below.

Upon closer inspection of this pretty blue and turquoise butterfly I noticed that his wings had been damaged. And then it hit me.......... and it hit me hard. I am damaged... I may not look like it on first glance.. but when you get up close you may be able to see or feel the damage.. That not only I have damage... we all do. And its ok. Its really ok. We are all damaged in some way.. we are not all perfect... but dammit.. we survive and we are beautiful. It was just what I needed especially with all the pressures of late of trying to be the perfect mother, friend, worker and person. I needed this. And I hope sharing it with you will help you understand me better. I feel that I am indeed Perfectly Imperfect and its all going to be OK! :O)


Kimmy said...

::hugs:: I think you're fantastic. You always make me smile, Ang. ALWAYS.

Amie said...

Great picture, beautiful butterfly, and sweet blog today!

Be Radiant said...

Love your post and I totally agree! That butterfly is beautiful and so are you:)