Friday, May 27, 2005

Some Gave All~

Im writing this story in RED today in memory of all the soldiers that have served our country in loo of the upcoming US holiday, Memorial Day.

I didnt really know what to write, as my so-called *creative juices* havent been flowing as of late.. I guess when your mind is filled with nonsense its kind of hard. None the less I am here writing to those faithful enough to check in on me and read what babbles out of my head and into my text...

When I was in school I had gotten so upset at my history teacher...She would teach us always of the ways in Europe, Russia and Greece... I wanted to know about AMERICA!!! ... I wanted to know about the wars, WW1 and WW2 and the Vietnam and Korean wars. I was told by the teacher it was important to learn world history and that as I got older Id learn about those things I had wished on. Bullshit I thought.... its pretty sad that I had to learn about those wars from movies like Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor and Apocalypse Now and the tv show M.A.S.H. anyway.... enough rambling.

Id like to take this opportunity to thank those who have served our country so proudly...putting your life on the line for MY freedom! I pray daily that the war ends soon and that our soldiers are home safe. I pray for your families and that when back home that your future mind will be at ease knowing that your country supported you.

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