Monday, June 30, 2008

My Brother~

Thought Id write about my brother... Im starting to think that he is like my best friend in the world. I actually have 2 brothers.. and they are both pretty much close to me... but my baby brother Daniel just KNOWS me! The other day I called him and just confessed my soul and he listened, gave me the advice that of course I already knew... and loved me... loved me unconditionally the way brothers and best friends are supposed to. He hasnt had an easy life, but he knows about life and he knows the differences between right and wrong and how to get me to see the different sides of it even if I am a woman, one with a stubborn head at that. He made me feel better... he made me realize that all the years I spent wasted worrying over him being a danger to me were really unfounded worries that I regret now. He wouldnt hurt a fly.. and especially not me. He means well and works hard. He loves hard too. I just wanted to pay a little tribute to my brother... my best friend.... and even if he doesnt read this its my lil shout to him.. Love ya bro! ;)


pcso lotto said...

Well done for this wonderful blog.

linda said...

Jinxi you are a wonderful sister

Cat said...

I think this a great, sweet tribute to your brother!