Monday, July 26, 2010

Part 2 of the Super Vacation!~Finally ;)

This is part 2 of our vacation back a couple months ago. Sure did go by fast! Id love to have another vacation like this. It was wonderful!!!
Justices ballgame!
Dad and the boys fishing.. Dad caught the keeper!

Swimming.. oooo we got sooo burnt, but it was FUN!
Dinner out several times with our favorite people! So happy to spend a lot of time with Preston and Rachel! :)

Lots of bowling! It was awesome, after 9pm they turn off the lights and its all lit in neon and they play oldies videos. We had a fantastic time and will be doing this again when we go back!

More fishing! Rachel and I caught the big ones this time! hehe Its been FOREVER since I went fishing, so it was pretty awesome!

Fathers Day ... Hunter could hardly wait to give his Dad his card. So much love!

Last minute playing at the park before leaving *back home-Missouri*. We were so sad to go, but had such a great time.

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Amie said...

What a nice vacay! And I must say, it's great to see YOU in these pictures!