Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garden of the Gods..

The last leg of our Southern Illinois get away was spent in June at Garden of the Gods in Shawnee National Forest. It was beautiful! It was hot and muggy, but we braved the trails and headed up to see these fabulous rocks out in just the middle of nowhere! God really did have a hand in this. The Indians hid in these hills and its amazing to think that possibly there was actually water running through here at some time.

I cant say that while we were up there on those rocks that I didnt get scared.. cuz boy I did. There was nothing to hold you up there, you were just there in space with the rocks and trees and air. Justice wanted to explore, but he is in that clumsy stage and we didnt trust him that close to the edge.. heck I didnt trust myself that close! Id start taking pictures, get dizzy and have to back off. The one pic of Todd is right beside a huge crevice that if you fell youd be dead meat! I love all the pics of this journey. I hope you do too!

After we left the Garden of the Gods we drove by this barn and painted on the roof were the words "Monky Ashe Cheez" ... say what??? LOL.. we were laughing so hard. It was almost as funny as the restaurant that we saw earlier that day that was called "Wok and Roll" haha a cute Chinese buffet. hahaaa

The rest of our vacation was spent back home with Dad, Preston and Rachel. We did a LOT back home too.. lived life to the fullest! I will be back later with pics from that trip as well! I wish it was time to go on another adventure! hehee We really enjoyed ourselves and the boys are still talking about it and ready to go again too!


Cat said...

Ack! I love taking pictures, but I HATE heights! Even MORE so without something to hang on to. EWwwww.

Wok and Roll? LOVE IT!

Jenn K said...

What great pictures and I about spit out my water when I read about that cheese!!! Too funny! Sounds like you had a blast!

Amie said...

WOW those are amazing!!