Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My reality at the moment...

I was reading Stephanie Howells blog one night and she had recently posted about our everyday realities. What really goes on.. no sugar coating. Some of mine today...

I have a sink full of dishes at home, and sometimes Id rather just stay at work as to go home and face the mess awaiting me.

Im worried about what the future holds as far as retirement and working .. most people have a plan in place by my age, but I dont. ;(

I have flowers that I bought before July 4th that still havent been planted, they are still in the containers from the store, if it werent for Todd watering them they'd already be dead.

Todd has been working a different shift than me lately and I hate it, I cant seem to get up or maybe dont want to because he is not there to keep me company ? in the morning? .. Not sure whats up with that.

Today I realized that I am totally not prepared to have a child in kindergarten... its been so long since Ive had a child to take back and forth to school. wow. Unreal!

I havent gotten a whole heck of a lot done at work today, because Id rather be on the computer.

My Moms husband was baptized into the Mormon religion this past weekend... and Im still not quite sure how to react.

What is your reality today?


Amie said...

I like Your Life in a Snippet blog. :) Thank Todd for saving your flowers; you'll do great with a kiddo in kindergarten, after a day of crying; and if it's any help, I'm Mormon (and don't you love me??) so your mom's hubby must be ok. :)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Amie, I cried all day yesterday... maybe that was my moment? hehee

and yes.. I love you, you are my favorite Mormon!! :)