Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh my...~

Im sorry I havent written in a while. While I dont feel I have much to blog about, I really do. Lots has happened, but Im not sure what is so interesting to the people who dont know me. Anyway, I'll quit rambling.

1} Adam Lambert.. I love you. I hope you win and when you do I will buy all of your goodies.
I hope that Lil and Anoop go home, but above all I hope that people soon see Gokey for who he really is. I think he tries too hard. But Im sure he'll go to the end. Just watch out for Kris! ;)

2} Miss California... you did not win because of your beliefs, you are right. You have a twisted, fantasy like way of thinking. You feel you are a higher being, more so than the majority of Americans and it shows. Miss America to me represents everything you are not. You are not eloquent, you are NOT religious, you are not a wholesome or pretty person. You are shameful.

3} Im very proud of Andy Dick. He was sober 9 months today. I hope he has many more sober months and years ahead of him.

So thats enough of my Celebrity opinions for now... hahaa. But I just had to get it off my chest.

We had the 2nd soccer game this past weekend. Hunter did VERY well. He played the whole game and never shed a tear! He is pumped for this weekend too. And tonight decided that he wants to go ahead and do the Mighty Ball T-Ball too. So we are now one of those sets of parents that will be running every Saturday. hehee Because he was so good we got him a Leapster! I really scored on it, I got it on clearance for $34 and then had a $10 coupon off. Rock on!!!

This past weekend Preston also made his way up for a visit. I felt so bad that it rained the entire time. He spent most of the weekend texting his new g/f. I didnt mind, because when it came down to it..he was one bored dude. We hope so much that the next visit we can go camping or fishing or grilling. It will make for a better weekend for sure.

In the midst of everything and the company that left a couple weeks ago.. I have been working a lot at work trying to catch up. I think Ive almost got it mastered, but then again Ive had the office to myself for a week and a half and that makes a huge difference. We'll see how the rest of the week works out.

I also got to scrap about 3 weeks ago, only got one thing done, but hey I did it. hehe

Personally, I have been begging the Good Lord for answers as to why I am here on this earth, what is my purpose. My friend Cat posted a question today wanting to know if we were where we thought we would be at this point in our lives. Well... I have to say I have lived 4 very different lives {being married 4 times}... Im loving the point where I am in my relationship. I feel comfortable, in love and loved. But as far as financing no, not exactly. Its not bad, but its not where I want to be. I think with time this will be solved. As we know-good things come to those who wait {and go for it! haha} Anyway...I guess youd say Im in a funk of sorts. I need to feel appreciated, more than just a wife or Mom.. more than just a friend. And more organized and TOGETHER. I know this feeling will pass, but its tough right now. I just need to take a step back and relax, breathe and reflect... and find that kind that I aspired to find at the beginning of this year.

Here are some photos to share... enjoy and have a great week! :o)


Angie said...

awwe girl I'm sorry your in a funk and I hope you get out of it soon. I want you to know that I appreciate you, you make me laugh like nobody else, and you always leave the sweetest comments on my blog.
I LOVE what you said about Miss America! And I'm happy you got to spent time with Preston, even if it was boring at least you were together. Love the pic's and the adorable lo!

Angie said...

Oh, BTW Your blog Rocks!! I love the header and background!!

Cat said...

Glad you got that off your chest! :-)

I think you're super great, and I do appreciate you. But I also know that feeling. Well, I know what that feeling is to me, at least.

I am glad you had a good time with your boys. I know each time is super special!

Gina said...

I've been in some sort of funk for months now too . . . I'm not sure how to get out of it! I did manage to make a couple of cards this afternoon, Ijust can't share this quite yet. Hang in there girl! LOTS of people truly appreciate you! :)

Man, do you have some handsome boys . . . that's certainly one thing to be proud of!

Amie said...

I LOVE Chris. And I LOVE Adam. And I used to LOVE Danny--I still really like him, but he's my third choice now. Adam will def. win!

Brooke said...

That picture of Hunter with the soccer ball is too cute!