Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 of 12~

Happy Easter 2009!!!! .. We've had this bowl of eggs sitting on our table for about a month now. Usually we fill them and hide them, but this year we had our celebration on Saturday, which included the town Easter Egg Hunt. Hunter did great and out of all of the {3-4yr olds} he was only 1 of 4 to win a grand prize.. he got polka dot colored sidewalk chalk. He was super happy!

The Easter Bunny came this morning and left a stash of stuff. He wasnt too awake when I snapped the pic, but when he woke me up he was in sheer Easter heaven!

For some reason ever since I can remember, well I think since Preston was tiny either my Mom or me would get some sort of Easter goodie/statue to display. This was my find this year, one representing each boy of mine. I love how distressed and old they look! {Hobby Lobby find}
Now on to the real 12th.. hahaaa.. Since we celebrated Easter on Saturday .. I had Sunday left to do all the cleaning. I started with this MOUNTAIN of laundry. {ps: Todd was out shooting his new gun so Hunter and I did a lot of the photos with him included ehehe}
This is the work that I brought home with me to do over the weekend. Who was I kidding.. I didnt even move it from the table.

This photo represents the charging of phones. I had a really long and good talk with my Mom. She told me that she was looking at the calendar to schedule a visit. Made my day!
Mopping.. ughhhh. Do ya'll have ants? The lil bitty ones? They are all over here, and a lot of the houses around here this time of year. Im at all out war with them. Keeping the floor mopped, dishes rinsed/washed and put up helps, but man these suckers are hard to kill.
Hunter did spend a big part of the day playing outside with his new "Flat Ball", here it is popped out, but he can flatten it and send it sailing like a frizbee or let it pop out to this round shape. Aunt Melly always finds the coolest things! This Easter gift... no different!
Im still having troubles figuring out my new camera... but the one thing I doooo love is the fact that I can finally take pics of Kitty aka Nikki with her eyes open. So I shot this yesterday as she was enjoying the nice springy breeze.
Here is a new and improved Ruby.. we finally were able to give her a bath after her surgery {spayed 2 weeks ago}.. boy was she a stinker!!!
And here is my self-portrait.. a new and improved me after a shower after the day I had.. it was well needed for sure. It helped relax all the tensions for sure. And look Kimmy-no makeup!!! hehee {I know its blurred, but hey, if it werent youd be scared for reals!!!}
One of the BEST inventions... this lil activity table that Hunter is sitting beneath. Helps save Momma in the clean up carpet department. Has holders for crayons and books, toys, drinks or snacks.. He loves eating his breakfast on it, coloring and playing w/his Ben10 as seen here. This lil gem was a find at Hobby Lobby for $6.99, well worth it... dang, I just thought.. I should have used my 40% off coupon. gah! hahaa.. always a day late and dollar short!
My last photo is how Hunter and I ended a very full day. We sat down and stained some glass for my Mom and her husband. Hunter did a dragonfly and I did a car. This is an activity that Hunter has really gotten into. He loves painting and proudly tells everyone that he can paint good.. and that he is a good artist. Im glad he got some of my creative side. :)

This is a wrap on my 12 of 12 for April 2009. I hope you enjoyed the photos and narration. Have a great week!!!


Kimmy said...

woot! I got a shout out! LOL I too wish I could take pictures of my cats with their eyes open without them looking like zombie cats!

Cheryl said...

Loved looking at all your cute pictures, Jinxi!!

Hey girl - you got your new background and header on here - it looks amazing!!

Cat said...

LOVE the new background, A!

WOOT WOOT to Kimmy! ;-)

I love that Hunter is proud of his skills and hope that the confidence stays with him forever..

merideth said...

followed you over from kimmy's blog...your 12th sounds quite fun! we have that same tray table (actually, two - so my little guy and my nephew can both have one). they are invaluable!

but here's what i really wanted to say: ants! i've been battling them. last year they got bad & i paid terminix $350 to never. get. rid. of them! but i found a solution myself:

homemade ant bait/poison
*1 jar baby food meat+fruit (apples & ham, chicken & pears, etc. - not the chunky kind, though - very smooth early baby stuff)
*powdered sugar - about half the baby food jar's worth
*boric acid (white powder - find it at wal mart, dollar store, etc. - about a whole baby food jar's worth.)

mix it all together well. make little "cups" from foil & plop a small spoonful into it - place them wherever you've seen ants or where they're coming in, if you know.

keep it away from babies/pets. i also punched holes in the baby food jar lids and put jars full outside where i've seen them. it's taken *weeks* but i'm seeing fewer and fewer. the boric acid's a slow-acting poison - they take it back to their nest and feed it to the colony. hope it works for you!

Brooke said...

Angi, I loved your pics. The Easter tradition of getting a bunny statue is neat. I like the ones you picked this year.

Angie said...

Love the pic's girl!!

JennK said...

Hey our boys have the same pj's!! Great pics! I am like every month late on this and still haven't taken any pictures...LOL!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Cute Hobby Lobby bunnies and what a handsome little guy you have!!