Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shout Out~

to my friend Cat. Today she turned 30!!! I cannot tell you the friendship that has developed between she and I since we met in real this time last year. I consider her my best friend! I know she is a bit uneasy about turning 30, but hey, if I can do it..I KNOW she can. hehee.

I remember the trials and tribulations and they all shaped and formed me into the mess I am today.. oh.. did I say mess? haha.. I mean the person I am today. I truly am a happier person and think with age everyone is.. unless they are old codgers. lol..

Anyway. Im getting away from the originality of this post. And that is to wish my friend Cat the best of days to come. I wish that she was here this weekend and vow that some day, some way we will take that road trip we've been talking about to see a real fine Georgia peach and her lil boysss too ;) hehee.

Here is to you Miss Cat.. Happy Day!!!! *big squishy hugs*!!!!
ps: Sorry about the photo.. unfortunately thats the only one I could find of us together ;(


JennK said...

Super sweet!! We all need a good friend!!

Angie said...

I like that photo! I'll have to make sure and wish Cat a happy B-day. :)

Cat said...

Aren't you just the greatest friend!?!?!? I got all teary and everything! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Amie said...

youtell Cat I LOVE my 30s! So much more stable and secure and I-know-who-I-am'ish. =)

Kimmy said...

i love cat too :)

it would make my whole year if i just so happened to be that GA peach teehee