Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kids, Cats and Curls~

Thats what a girl I went to school with would say as a greeting.. I always thought.. how whack.. but hey it stuck right?.. LOL

This week has been a blur. So much going on at work. Ruby went to the Vet for 3 days for her spaying. Finding out another niece is pregnant {I found out reading a myspace profile of all things!}... just a whirl wind around here.

Tonight Hunter and I were doing manicure/pedicures and I know that sounds funny, but I have to convince him it is a fun luxury rather than some ancient Chinese torture... anyway.. while doing our nails we were listening to a link that Kimmy had gave us to hear snipits of songs by Kimya
Dawson for kids-Alphabutt. {You may know her from the music in the movie Juno}. Anyway, Hunter fell in love... I knew he would. So I was looking around and saw a kids cd by Barenaked Ladies-Snack Time. We are sooo going to be getting these. Check them out!

Have a great weekend ya'll! ;o)


Amie said...

I love barenaked ladies--and that's a great CD. Enjoy!

Cat said...

I gotta say, I love the Curious George Soundtrack, too. Have you looked at that?

jinxi~ aka angi said...

No, but Im going to check it out!

Cheryl said...

BNL has a kids' CD??? Wow - that's pretty hard to believe!! LOL Love both the CD covers - they're really cute. I'll have to check these out.