Friday, March 13, 2009

A day late and a photo short~

Well, I totally forgot to take my camera to work yesterday so I lost out on the 12 on the 12th... but I thought Id make it up today and take 13 on the 13th... but.. Im always a day late and a photo short hahaaa. I took 12 instead of 13. After the melt down photo I was feeling sorta bad and decided 12 was enough.. plus one of my photos didnt turn out. It was a photo of the new book shelf for the scrapbook room, but hey everyone has seen a 5 shelf book shelf before right? yeah so.. without further excuses.. here is my 12 of 12 on the mischievous Friday the 13th!First off a lil something I whipped up for our Friday night movie party ;) hahaMovie we watched for our movie night.. Role Models-Funny, in an adult way! ;)
Hunter having a meltdown because he would have preferred to have Ronald McDonald cook this evening. hahaaCan you tell someone in the house was home sick all day.. yeah Todd was.. We are thinking something he ate? We hope anyway!So happy to be done with invoicing at work.. you are looking at 1270 invoices that I printed, folded, stuffed and stamped...The company really is growing!We took the leap and purchased a new digital camera tonight.. Im so excited.. coming next week!My weekly chore.. balancing the checkbook.. and figuring what we have left of the income tax return!Soccer shoes.. YES, we signed Hunter up for soccer! Im so stinkin' excited!!! He is too!My self portrait.. Hunter liked the b/w one the best.. Future photog perhaps? We'll see .. haha!What is up with this weather?.. last weekend I was wearing capris.. this morning I was scraping ice off the windshield. Hopefully this is the last cold snap before spring arrives!Im super happy to have found these springy looking markers last night. They are called Paradise Pastels, acid free so Im thinking I will so be using them with my stamps and coloring the cards and stuff.
The pile of magazines I recieved this week that I still need to read... one at a time.. slowly but surely I'll get them read.. or at least the perfume samples smelled and pics seen. hahaa.

This is a wrap! Enjoy ;o)


Kimmy said...

I think I would cry if I had to do all them envelopes. I cracked up laughing at the dinner you cooked, like for real laughing. hunter took that picture?? that's a really, really good picture of you IMO.

JennK said...

I love ceasers breadsticks...YUM!! I want some. I always forget to do this 12 picture thing. Every month I tell myself I will do it then I forget....wonder what I will be like when I am old right??? Love all the pictures and am happy the biz is growing but I hope you have an envelope licker...(not your tongue). HEHEHEHEEE!!

Brooke said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, Angi. I need to find those markers...they are so cheery!

Cat said...

I miss Little Caesars! mmmMMmmm Pizza Pizza!

I love your 12 of 13.

What else was I gonna say?

Oh pew, I'm gonna try to go wash Prancer in the shower.

Amie said...

LOVE your self portrait! good job on this! PS it's the 14th or 15th now and I still haven't finished my 12!!

linda said...

We so need to be neighbors.. I think that is the same digital camera that we are planning to purchase next month.. Nathan can't wait to play soccer, I am planning on signing him up next spring.. I also love the markers, especially the colors.. Can't wait for Spring to arrive..

Cheryl said...

I'm exhausted after reading your post - LOL. Love the pail and the big pop by the couch - yes, you can tell somebody was sick.

You'll love your new camera!!