Thursday, March 05, 2009

Misc. Musings~

{These are 2 baby cards from Feb.}

I havent been around much lately. Ive been working a lot, been sicky, and just doing home stuff when I get home and trying hard to relax and not get so stressed about things all the times. A full time job all in itself! haha. Lately I have had some thoughts on things going on around me... musings as they say. And here is my say.. or thoughts if you will...

Manny Ramerez!!!!.. 45 MILLION dollar deal made for playing a game he loves. Whats wrong with this picture? Can we really blame him? How about the folks that are willing to actually pay that kind of outlandish price? No wonder the athletes feel so much pressure to perform. What a nasty mess. Im sure this is not what the game was supposed to be about {money}! This just makes me spitting mad.

Im trying really hard to understand, accept and deal with the changes this old world is going through and has went through. I was sent a retro video the other day of the things that I grew up with and the things we watched on tv... played with as kids. I sooo miss those days of staying outside til our parents begged us to come in. Where did those days go? Ugh!

On the upside of things. One of my favorite shows came back this week. Saving Grace on TNT Monday 9pm central time. I have a hard time staying up that late sometimes but hey, I am going to have to suck it up and do it. hahaa

As far as crafting. Boy have I not done a damn thing lately. Ive got the itch. I bought some stuff even... but I still havent gotten my room in order and its bugging the heck out of me. Also this upheaval over the photos being lost, not lost and now on disc, things are happening just as I suspected.. they arent. ;( I told Todd we have to get the shelves for my room this weekend so I can get back in there and start creating again. Its a void that needs to be filled and dammit, it needs to be done so soon!

Im missing my blogging/scrapping buds and have been neglecting them and for that Im sorry. I should catch up soon. I have billing all next week, but after that it will be smooth sailing til April, when all hell cuts loose again. Its my busiest month of the year usually. Its all good, keeps me on my toes! hehe :)

The weekend...... What are you up to this coming weekend? Justice is coming up and Im sure Hunter, him and Todd will be out playing soccer. We got Hunter all signed up and he starts at the end of this month. Saturday games. We need to purchase him some shin guards and shoes and he'll be set. Todd wants to get a net this weekend. Im sure he'll need a new ball too. hehee
Whatever you do have fun doing it... :o)


Kimmy said...

And I was the lucky recipient of one of them there cards :) I'm saving it in Sam's book. :)

Brooke said...

I was the other lucky recipient. Thanks, Angi!!!

linda said...

Those cards are fantastic..

Anonymous said...

Angie, Love your projects. I have missed seeing your sweet comments on my blog. Hope you're doing well. Looking forward to seeing more!!

Cheryl said...

I hear ya girlfriend - I get myself so worked up over the way things are!! Sorry you haven't been feeling well, too - I sure understand about that!

Thank you so much for the adorable card - I got it today and it sure brightened my day and made me feel good - thanks for thinking of me!

Your new projects are fab, girl - let's get going and shake off this funk and {CREATE!}.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Those are super cute.. I looove #2. Great job, chica!~