Monday, July 21, 2008

Turning the Corner~

I think my youngest punk Hunter is turning the corner from the *Terrible Twos and Threes*! Finally! And now, Im sad. hahaa. Weird how that goes. I wanted him out of that stage, but didnt want him to grow up! No darnit, dont grow up too fast! Lord knows the weeks and months and years are going by in flashes. I want to hold onto this for a long time. But thats just not the way it is. Im so proud of the lil fella... lately he has been honing in his manners and has discovered the sweetest disposition in regards to woo'ing his Momma. He knows that when he is in trouble that he can call me *Momma* and get me to smile everytime! And lately he has been calling me *Momma Mia* and giggles and begs me to take him to see the movie as we both love the music! Oh, he also knows how much I love Mexican so he calls me *Mammazita* when we go out to our favorite Mexican restaruant. So cute! Anyway.. today my lil punk told me after I got all fixed up for work .. *Mom, you look very nice!*.. very plain, very sweet and very innocent. He doesnt know how that made my day. I love him so much!... and so from the wild and into everything to the noticing, drinking up the learning and sharing his feelings and emotions... he is turning a corner!

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linda said...

Nathan will be 3 in September and has been whiny lately and giving us major major attitude.. Hunter is so cute..