Friday, November 13, 2009

Freaky Friday~

Today is Friday the 13th... cool huh? ... Well so far its been quiet. I am bored out of my mind at work, so you get an update on the life of Ang. Like I said, quiet and terribly boring. Todd is still out of town. I did see him briefly Wednesday evening. He shaved his mustache off ya'll... and let me just say.. me no likey!!! but I did like the other parts that he shaved {on his face ya'll pervs} hahaa. He also has seen NOTHING... no luck in the woods this week at all. He is pretty bummed.... but you never know.. he still has a couple of days before he comes back to reality! ;)

I picked up Justice last night. We had quite a long talk on the way home about worthiness. Apparently some jerk of a kid told him that he was worthless. I was so mad! He said "well Mom, its true I am a little bit worthless"... oh man did I ever come unglued. And so did Hunter. We told him how good of a kid he was...kind, intelligent and caring.. very loving and everything good. I told him to NEVER let anyone tell him that again. This just infuriates me. Kids have enough problems these days without some jerk kid bullying another around. He is 9 for crying out loud!!! Argghhh!

So, I have gotten a lot of compliments on the new blog layout.. and all I have to say is thank you to the
chick responsible ..hehehee I love her layouts.. go get yourself one!!!

Im getting ready for Christmas! .. listening to Christmas music.. getting
into the mood. Did you know you could set up a wish list at Jc Penney and Target {all that Ive checked out so far}.. make yourself a list.. its grand. I made one for Hunter and myself. Its a great way to get things you REALLY want... and makes it easier to shop for those hard to get people for sure!!!

This week I also found out that my brother Neal has to leave to report to Hawaii BEFORE Christmas.. so I have to plan an extra trip back home to say goodbye. I cried.. not going to lie... Im sooo going to miss him. I know this will be an awesome experience for them.. but for my own selfish reasons, I just hate to see him go. Todd and the boys too!

One last note... Im trying really hard to keep with my goal of dressing nicer for work. Here is a pic I snapped this morning. Ive gotten SO fat that I dont want any pics of me for the past several months.. but I go ahead and post and get it over with.. heehe ... Also an update from the doc... Im super healthy.. good blood pressure, great cholesterol counts, blood sugars and much to my relief a decent heart. I had been so worried because of some chest pains Id been having. He did an EKG and everything is still tickin' away ok. He told me that he thought it was panic attacks brought on by stress... no? really?.. hahaa.. ok then... he said.. you are emotional after all Ang.. not that its a bad thing.. but can cause you to have these things happen.. soooo calmmmm yourself.. relax. He really really wants me to have the weight loss surgery. I would agree, but my insurance says NO WAY. Sooo, Im stuck, I dont know what to do. He told me he would write anyone who would help me. I thought that was real sweet! Im just going to have to take the dive no matter how scared I am and try. Right?! ok, so I couldnt post the pic of me.. just cant do it-so you get King Hunter instead! .. and while posting this photo remembered that I FORGOT the 12 of 12 AGAIN!!! .. what am I going to do with me? hahaa

Hope your weekend is beautiful.. Im so blessed to have wonderful and encouraging friends who care enough to read my blog and I want you to know I include you in my prayers every night when I thank the good Lord! {I see you too Jodie.. love you chick-send more pics of your handsome boys heheee!!!} ;o)


Kimmy said...

don't feel bad angi. i think youre beautiful. :) and omg, i want a spongebob crown!

Angie said...
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Angie said...

Okay, who is the little punk that said that to Justice? That makes me so mad, nobody should ever make him feel bad about himself. If I find the kid that said that I'm giving him a super atomic wedgy. Love ya girl, and I want to see a pic of you. Hunter is adorable I love the spongebob crown. HUGS