Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yum Yum~

ok... so I know its a bit late now to post recipes for Thanksgiving. Forgive me.. for I have had to work sooo much lately, and when I get home Im just exhausted. The weeks are starting to blur. This is no way to live.. but its how its going right now.

sooooo.. be on the look out coming soon recipes that my Grandma used for Thanksgiving.. but most certainly for Christmas too. I know I will add another at some point because there are some biscuits and a cheese ball that she always made Id love to share with you as well.

Coming soon...
Cranberry Salad
Impossible Pumpkin Pie
Scalloped Oysters
Copper Pennies
Angel Biscuits
Christmas Cheese Ball
and if I can find it.. Broccoli Rice Casserole

I also would like to share a hunting experience via my brother Neal and photos of his 16pt buck that he took this hunting season and then photos of the 2 bucks that Preston took as well. Oh not to mention Hunters first hockey game!

So.. hang in there with me.. I havent forgotten you ... still busy yet blessed!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! ;o)

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Cat said...

You just made me hungry.