Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy November~

Wanted to wish you a Happy November since its the 1st. I know most of us are still recovering from Halloween.. which btw.. here are some pics...

Hunter and Justice
Ninja Masters

The Gang
Nat{Ajs bff}, Aj{my niece}, Hunter & Justice

Beautiful Fall Evening

The Gang Heading Out

It was a great evening.. My sister-in-law Melly and I handed out candy while the guys took the kiddos out. We had such a good time laughing and talking. Poor Melly was sick and I think a bit wasted on the meds she has to take, hahaa but it was indeed fun.. after the candy was gone we came inside and drank coffee and watched Carrie. hahaa I think the kids all got about 10 pounds of candy each. We were all so exhausted that everyone was home and in bed sleeping by 9.30pm. haha So-much-fun! ;)

My goals for November are:
1} Clean my house real good.. right after I blog ;) hahaa
2} Take down all the Halloween decos and put up Fall/Thanksgiving ones!
3} Spend more evenings baking and making homemade gifts for Christmas.
4} Dress up more at work.
5} Have Thanksgiving at our house this year.
6} Put our home up for sale.
7} Get back on track with the doctor.. have an appointment Friday!
8} Inspire my family to help out more and be thankful.
9} Make some cards and get ahead of the game/finish my address book update.
10} Be the best that I can in every aspect of my daily life...and pray more!

What are your plans for November?.. Any new recipes to share? or crafty ideas since Christmas is coming and we all have budgets Im sure? Think on it and let me know.. :)

In closing...I thought of one more goal while proofing..and that is to not budge the heat over 68 this entire winter. I want to see if we can really save money by just having us dress more appropriately. hehee Again friends.. have a Happy November!


Brooke said...

Happy November to YOU! :)

I like that you put your goals in writing. That always helps me be more likely to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

My goals for the month include starting my Christmas shopping, keeping my stress level down even though we have family visiting and the holidays are coming up, staying on top of the housework, getting some household projects done, and treasuring every moment with my sweet baby boy.

Cat said...

Hey Angi. I love your goals. Mine is to not slap people who continuously talk about themselves without regard to others. It's been very prevalent lately and driving me bonkers! ;-P

Um....but for real, I want to get this Etsy shop up and running and NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY when people don't buy anything from me!

Amie said...

good luck with all your goals!

Angie said...

Happy November to YOU!!
My goals are very similar to yours, plus I'm going to try to be more positive, lately I have been such a downer. Oh yeah, and leave comments on the blogs I visit;)
My nieces and daughters have all gotten thier bedrooms painted recently, so for Christmas gifts I think I might make them all altered letters for thier walls ( not 100% sure yet tho.)

Becky said...

OMG the boys costumes were cool! And AJ HAHAHAHAHA. I love it!