Saturday, December 19, 2009

Im wipin' the tears~

Have you ever heard a country boy rap?... Im telling you.. I just love me a country boy! hahaa.. This morning Todd is watching his hunting shows and I hear from the bedroom Michael Waddell rapping! hahaa ps: I just love him.. he is sooo hot! ;) hehee

This brings me to a little something Im doing this morning.. finishing up my Christmas list and getting ready to head out and finish up the shopping. Im on the hunt for a Rodney Carrington or Larry the Cable Guy cd for my oldest. Really.. for all of us.. hahaa. I love listening to the boys laugh. I love laughing at the redneck in all of us.

Here is a prime example of some of their work: hahaaa enjoy and please dont listen if easily offended... LOL ;)

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