Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Moment to Breathe~

So how are you bloggy world? I am taking a break at work and blogging. I was thinking this morning of how I used to blog.. just blog about any old thing, not worrying about content or anything like that. I would just spill it... write about what I was thinking without a care who would be reading it. After all, this is my blog and my personal journal. But I guess my thinking on that has kind of changed to catering to an audience that would like to read what I have to say. hahaa At least I feel that I am more conscious now. Maybe not. But I would kind of like to get back to my old way of blogging.. if you dont mind. If I offend anyone, believe me it is not intentional. :)

ok, so onto other stuff and updates. So, on the 4th of December Todd went to Outpatient Surgery to have a cyst removed from his face. He has teased that it was his twin growing in there.. and apparently it was pretty big. He had to have a Plastic Surgeon remove it. It was a minor procedure but still surgery ya know. I went with him.. and there is nothing like sitting in a hospital waiting room that will make you count your blessings, thats for sure! Everything turned out ok for the ol' fella so that was good!

Later that day we packed up and headed back home to visit with my brother Neal who was leaving for Hawaii. We leisurely made our way back home, not before stopping to get a bite to eat and at the restaurant ended up with Hunter getting his hands burned while washing them in the bathroom... the water was THAT hot. Of course we reported it to the manager but come on.. poor thing. It didnt blister thank goodeness, but the pain... we all know that feeling! :( We got him all fixed up to go out to the truck and uhohhhhh.. I thought I had locked the keys in the truck.. wow did Todd get mad. Seriously though, I didnt .. damn new purse! hahaa! So, we are back on the road.. get back home and meet up with Rachel-Prestons girlfriend.

She had been so kind to go and pick up the boxes that we were going to fill with goodies for 2 soldiers over in Afghanistan. We got the boxes and took out shopping. We really got a cool list to go off of and got quite a few things. We then ran out to Dads and packed the boxes, while packing discovered that we needed to buy even more to put in there.. Lord knows I wasnt going to skimp on these packages! They needed to be chalk full!!! So we ended up waiting for Preston to get off work, picked up Justice and Rachel and all headed out to eat dinner and shop for more goodies. We got back to the country, packed the boxes, made the cards and wrote letters to the soldiers and watched a movie.

The next morning we all got up and got ready, drove over to Columbia to have breakfast with Neal and Karen .. they wanted us to visit some more afterwards so we went over to my niece Amiee new apartment and had a good goodbye visit. When we left we hurried back to Fulton so that the boys wouldnt miss the Fulton Christmas Parade. It went fast, but brought back fond memories. They filled their pockets and ours full of candy..they got donuts and sodas too..! Pretty funny for a parade I thought. Hunter saw Santa from around the corner and man was he happy! He didnt stop waving or smiling til Santa was out of sight. haha. We then went out to Dads, cleaned house and relaxed while the boys played. Later that night we ran into town and ate a bite and went to visit Daniel and his family. I FINALLY got my niece Savana to let me hold and hug her and take our pic together. All in all it was a good lil mini vacation. :)

Ok, going to give your eyes a rest and show some pics from the trip.. next up.. my visit with Mom and her husband! ... then I think I can slowly catch up on the past week! hahaa wow! :)

eta: Orrrr maybe I wont share any pics.. I cant get that darn button to work.. weird!

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Jenn K said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT day! It is so nice to spend the day with people you love. Happy Holidays!

P.S. I think it is great that you like to blog from the heart...I love to read it.