Tuesday, December 29, 2009


One of my most favorite Christmas gifts this year is THE Adam Lambert cd!!! My sister in law Melly gave it to me.. and I was so shocked. I know I act like a school girl when I swoon over Adam, but hey.. Im allowed.. apparently{Ive read} that he has a huge following of middle aged women. Well hell yeah.. count me in! hehee.
Anyway.. I got to listen to all but 2 songs on the cd yesterday on the way home from Fulton. I loved it.. Even Todd liked it and said that he reminded him of Freddie Mercury from Queen.. Im like well duh!!!! ;) .. I just love him, and altho this is not my favorite from the cd it is the only "official" one I could find on youtube today. Enjoy!!!! ;)

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Cat said...

Congrats on this fun gift!