Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy 2010! But wait.. Im still in 2009!~

Part 1
Wait.. hold up!!! I still havent finished tellin' ya'll about 2009.. I cant start 2010 with good conscious until I do.. so lets see. hmmm where was I??? Oohhh Did I tell you that this afternoon after coming back from the mall and lunch out with the guys I happened to notice that I never took down the fall flowers outside to put up the poinsettias!!! Wow, did time pass by or WHAT! I mean it is a real blur looking back from here til Halloween. Depressing.. either I blocked it out or just plain dont remember it.. but Im sure I'll get it together at some point and get back on the straight and narrow! My super plan is to blog every Sunday morning for sure.. and in between as the mood or event strikes me! With facebook, Im always thinking everyone sees whats up with me there.. but I do know there are several of you who dont do FB.. so my friends I am here for you.. plus as I said before.. what a great journal to have right here at my finger tips!! ;)

Now lets catch up!

Back during November deer hunting season Preston got a pretty good sized buck. Then he took another..he said it was bigger.. Im totally confused but just know that Im proud of the dude! I love that he hunts! He got both Justice and Hunter camo for hunting.. and let me just say that if he or Todd doesnt take them out this next year... Momma is going to come unglued! haha ;) We still have to get Justice a coat and boots but other than that, they are set.. and so am I! haha
Here is a pic of Preston with his prize!

oh.. forgive me, because I will probably link you to the FB photos.. if for some reason you cannot see them.. let me know.. I'll do a transfer!

Ok.. so onto Hunters very 1st Hockey game.. My boss somehow managed to get me 4 free tickets to the Blues Hockey game... and great seats to boot! I was knee deep in work and didnt feel like going so I drove Todd, Hunter and our brother in law Jim and niece Aj over to St.Louis and dropped them off to watch the game. Todd said they had a BLAST! He said Hunter was yelling at the top of his lungs the entire game.. chanting "Lets go Blues"! I cant wait til we can go again. Next time I'll be going for sure. Since then Todd has bought Hunter several Blues hockey shirts and Hunter has expressed how cool it would be to become a professional hockey player.. if only we lived in Canada.. huh Jodie? hahaha ;)

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Jenn K said...

How fun!! Hockey is one of our most beloved sports! Although we are Blackhawks fans...I was all about the Blues when Pronger was there...LOL!! Yea baby!