Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crunch Time~

Wow.. cant believe its been 10 days since I last blogged! Ive thought about it several times and wanted to but these past 2 weeks have been hell. I thought things were supposed to calm down in 2010. LOL Work has seriously stressed me out... and apparently made me into a different person. Ive become more outspoken to customers and was actually told that I was *arrogant and sarcastic*.. I do not think I carry these traits at all! But maybe Ive went overboard because of the stress?! I just dont understand that the trash business is so dang tragic and dramatic, but it sure as heck is. I just am to the point where I say... put it out the night before, pay your bill... we pick up.. if we dont for some reason THEN ok, please call. But otherwise I should never have to talk to you. Never. Arghh...
Enough of that.. onto some other matters of business...

1} WLJ.. not much going on on that front. I see my regular doc on the 5th of February and will talk to him about all of this. Monday- the 1st... Todd and I are going to start with our diet/exercise and goals. I weighed in this week and Jillian from Biggest Loser is right.. stinkin' stress can make you blow up! I have probably gained 4-6 pounds since the 9th of January. And, Im at my highest weight ever!!!.. Ive NEVER been this heavy even with pregnancy. So, after a week of crying over it.. Im feeling better and more positive. Im looking forward to making our grocery list and shopping and the sheer burn of some exercise! hehe Also, we decided to start taking a multi-vitamin too. Our friend Matt and his g/f Beth told us about the One-A-Day Energy multi-vitamins and they say it just gives you that extra pep in your step without jitters. Its an all day kind of energy. We said heck its worth a try. So tomorrow we start taking those. I hope that they do give a little boost.. it certainly wouldnt hurt. I'll be sure to update on that as the weeks go by.

2}Teeth... OMYgoodeness! Have ya'll ever had a tooth abscess? Back when I first moved to IL with Todd I had a toothache.. first time ever in my life. So went to the dentist to find out that I needed a crown. After a few visits getting it primed I found out I was pregnant. Well, when the doc found out he went through the roof and did not finish putting the crown on. So with time and no insurance I just let it go. And until recently {past 6 months} the tooth is crumbling and causing me some pain. Lately it has been abscessing and causing sooo much freakin' pain and general feeling of YUCK. So today, I have had it. I called and made an appointment to have a consult and get it taken care of. It is next Friday after I see the regular doc! When I called the secretary said she couldnt believe I was willing to wait until next Friday. I said well it does hurt. she said oh my you must be feeling bad, and hurting. Yes. It does for sure.. but I waited this long. In the meantime they put me on some heavy duty antibiotics to get me prepared for stuff that they may do next Friday. I just want it all removed! Cheaper ;)

3}Facebook.. I love facebook, Ive really been able to reconnect with a bunch of folks from back home especially that I really miss! Im also able to keep in touch probably moreso with my brother since he is now in Hawaii. The only thing thus far {until this morning} that bothered me was the virus that we got through it. A good virus/trojan/worm program fixed that. So anyway, this morning I happened to be just surfing around when I came across a fella that used to be really good friends with my son Preston. They used to chum around in Elementary school and we even had this fella to our house for sleep overs several times. Now, he is about 20, same age as Preston.. but surprised to find out that he is married and has a child. So being the nosey person that I am.. I decided to look at some of his photos of his family... only to find photos of him drinking, being drunk and I can only assume high. There were photos of him passed out and of him using a bong. Ughh.. to each his own.. but I just didnt want or need to see that. Learned my lesson.. but man... what if his Momma saw that?.. she would be heart-broke! I know I would have!

More to come this weekend.. woot woot.. Glad its here! Enjoy yours! :)
ps: Maybe I can get more blog links up.. I miss having those.. we saved them when we moved the pc.. I just need to get them all back into place!

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Cat said...

I am so surprised by what photos and info people put on FB. It's ridiculous and shameful!