Sunday, January 03, 2010

Still in 2009 Part 2~

Part 2
Ok.. so onto the trip back home to see Dad and my brother Daniel, his family and have Christmas with all three of the boys.
We headed out Christmas Day about 12ish Id say.. It was cold and we ran into some light snow/drizzle.. then this... TIMES 50 at least!!! Damn was I scared!!! Lucky for us traffic was at a complete crawl.. what normally took us 2 hours took 3. There were soooo many accidents and the Interstate was closed down in several places!!! By the time I got to Dads I had a tension/migraine soo bad. It took a complete 24 hours to shake it! But we made it safely and all was good.. in spite of me remembering that the worst car accident I was ever in was exactly 10 years to the date that day! Oh yeah.. traveling on Christmas Day.. never a good idea! Never! But we risked and are ok! and hopefully those in the crashes that we saw were ok as well.. I didnt see any real *serious* scenes so I am praying!

We made it down to Dads and got comfy and just hung out til Bill brought Justice out. We then let Dad open a gift and the boys their gifts to each other and one from us! We all got snuggled down and watched the snow!!! I was never so happy to see such snow falling in the country.. ahh to be back home. I was hoping it would snow 2 ft so we'd get stuck there for an extra week! ha!

The next day we had our little family Christmas with the boys and Rachel! They seemed to enjoy everything they received and were intent on seeing everything that was given. :) I took tons of pics of course! Daniel and his family was there then later in the day and we opened our gifts with Dad too. My favorite quote of the day came from my niece Savana when she opened her new fleece jacket.. she said "oooohhhh myyyyy" ehehee.. Made me feel real good! We had dinner and relaxed..
Next day a bit more of the same relaxing and hanging out watching the snow. After the roads were cleared we went to Columbia and ate at one of my most favorite restaurants.. Angelos! Perfect Greek food.. soo yummo! Back to Dads to watch A Christmas Story and Home Alone! hehe.. The next day we came back home.. and we are STILL tryin' to recover! haha!

Here is a link to all of our Christmas photos!
Enjoy! ;o) ....
.........and thank you for letting me share 2009!!!

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