Saturday, January 09, 2010

Seminar Time~

I have researched Dr. Wagner for quite some time. I have frequented his website, joined online groups regarding weight loss surgery, which have also included his current and previous patients. My physician also highly recommended Dr. Wagner. So it is natural that we would select such a man to go to with such serious thoughts and questions on our minds. Life changing stuff there!

So thankful that our good friends watched Hunter for us today so that Todd and I could attend the seminar put on by Dr. Van Wagner and St. Alexius Hospital.
The seminar started with a representative for the whole program .. She was a horrible speaker hahaa.. so we were happy when Dr. Wagner took over. Dr. Wagner then went through explaining in great detail the different types of weight loss surgeries that he performs. He went through preparations for the surgeries, what happens during and after. He explained his affiliation and accreditation's with the hospital and their prestigious award. He then answered questions that the audience had.. and let me just say I had a list and even though I thought some may have been silly.. he answered with a smile. I wouldnt know otherwise huh? haha ;). He explained that if there was any doubt in our minds that we wouldnt follow through or follow up with him that we should just leave right then. If we smoked to leave right then unless there was a plan to stop-thankfully Ive never smoked and am not around it much at all!

I have been studying about the Lap Band.
And after the seminar am still very interested in this procedure. I will of course have to consult with Dr. Wagner and decide together if this is the surgery right for me specifically.

So Monday my specific case worker will give me a call and tell me the next steps I need to make to get this whole process started. I have put this thing off for so long because of the cost and insurance loop holes, but I am prepared to take it on full force and with vigor! Todd too.. he is my biggest cheerleader! ha! Seriously though, without his sincere encouragement and being there for me.. Im not so sure I could go it alone! We are going to make this happen....

Im finally on the road to a new me and I couldnt be happier! :)


Gina said...

Angi, you sound very positive about this journey . . . Good Luck to you and I'll be thinking about you throughout it my friend! I'm here for you ALWAYS!!!

linda said...

Good for you Angi. I am big time trying to lose weight this year. I am trying to exercise more, and have tried to really cut out soda, fast food and junk food. It is hard, however I am not happy with the way that I look and really want to make some changes. You can do this Angi, I will be here for you, sending you hugs from Colorado

Cat said...

Glad you went to the seminar. Can't wait to find out what they tell you on Monday! How many people were there?