Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prestons Post-Surgery Update~

The x-rays after surgery, showing the screw.

... I apologize for my recent disappearance... I went back home last Wednesday the 13th to be with Preston for his wrist surgery. If you remember back on December 20th, he had a sledding accident and broke his wrist. Finally he was able to have surgery where a screw was inserted to keep the bone in place. I am just now in a spot where I can blog/update his status.

Preston is now doing pretty well. He has some rough spots but is now able to hold back on the pain meds and not take them as often. I tell you.. I have never seen a kid so sick and not been able to do anything for him. He was in so much pain after the surgery. :( He was in tears and just plain mad!

Preston waiting to go into surgery, he looks so nervous!

His surgery had been moved 2 times and finally we were on our way over to Columbia to do a few errands before the scheduled time of 5.30pm. As we were driving over the doc called and asked him to come on in. I think that shock and not preparing himself really threw him and us for a loop. He was quite nervous, shaking and completely red with a rash. But it all went pretty fast. He went into the hospital at 1.30pm and we walked out to the car at 5.00pm. I really think they should have kept him a little longer as he still needed some assistance walking. He was pretty woozy and as I said in a LOT of pain!

Rachel-his girlfriend and I were able to chit chat while he was in surgery and she helped me keep the tears from flowing too hard! The surgery really went fast.. maybe a half hour to hour?! {Im so happy she is there with him to help as well. I know he sure is.}

It took us about 45 minutes to get to Fulton as I didnt want to drive too fast and crazy. I had a feeling he would get sick from the anesthesia and I was right. While we were in Walgreens waiting on his scripts he got sick several times. I was so happy to get him home and fix him some soup and get some 7up into his system. I felt so bad and so helpless .. but he managed and by the time the evening was up he was in good spirits {mainly due to the Percocet he was prescribed} haha.

The doc said that his bone was in place and he thought it would heal just fine. He did say they had to cut one nerve along the skin which was unavoidable but that may give him some extra pain, numbness and tingling. It wouldnt cause any permanent damage, but may cause him to have some numbness in the size of a quarter on the top of his hand. I hated to hear that but thankful that with this kind of accident it wasnt something worse! The doc also told us that since he was so young and still exercises and works with his hands that he would not need any physical therapy. He thought it would heal perfectly. So for now he is in a cast. In 2 weeks he will see the doc again, have the sutures removed and be fitted in a softer splint. After about 4-6 weeks he should be good to go for moderate activities.

Preston pointing to the spot where he thinks the screw was placed!

I do have to say thank goodeness Preston is left handed and this happened to his right. He is doing so much better than I would have. His main irritations are not being able to button his pants and the frustration of not getting paid/work and disability issues. I told him, be calm, polite and forceful. hehee All in all, I think he is going to be fine.. and probably not on a sled again anytime soon! ;)


Jenn K said...

I am so happy to hear he came through ok. I was wondering what had happened. Great news, I am sure he will have a quick recovery.

Amie said...

Oooh ouchie!!

Angie said...

I'm glad that he is doing better and that you were able to be there with him.